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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bestival 2013 . . . Bring it on!

Here it comes guys!! That tiny little island floating just off the bottom of our slightly bigger island is bracing itself for an influx of awesome people for yet another instalment of the truly awesome Bestival!!

We just about survived our trip across the Solent last year, and spent several days afterwards picking up the pieces of our shattered lives! But we are ready and raring to head south again!

Here at Funk and Filth we're understandably pretty funking excited about Bestival 2013, here's why . . .

Wilkinson is the RAM Records golden boy at the moment, and having Andy C as a boss can never be a bad thing!! Looking forward to some textbook drum n bass filth from this fella! Check his guest mix for Radio 1 here (FREE DOWNLOAD) and let us know what you reckon!

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JFB is an award winning, record breaking turntablist from another dimension! His stuff is sick, simple as that, and we can't wait to see him bust out some of his tricks again, it's always a sight to behold! Check this cheeky FREE mix below, as well as a video of him in action and a pic of him in a pretty tasty t-shirt too! ;)

Scroobius Pip is basically the slickest lyricist (trying saying that quickly!) in the world, and we're pretty sure he's also the guy who officially made beards cool. He's not to be missed this Bestival, and here's a lickle taster as to why . . .

While everyone else is just messing around and re-hashing old stuff, True Tiger are doing UK dubstep properly! Check out their version of Be Like Me featuring Snoop Dogg (who's also playing Bestival!) here, and click here to get the FREE DOWNLOAD of this track and loads more from True Tiger.

Surely we don't need to say much about Ed Solo! His record(s) speaks for itself! One of the funkiest, filthiest men on the planet, his recent set on the Arcadia stage at Boomtown (FREE DOWNLOAD below) has got us literally dripping in anticipation!

Glitchy, grimey beats from the other side of the pond, courtesy of Pretty Lights! Been fans of this guy for a long time now, and always mega-grateful that he offers most of his stuff up for free! Grab your FREE DOWNLOAD of his latest album, or offer up a donation in exchange for some of the finest, funky, filthy stuff available!

Dub Pistols will always hold a place in our hearts! Not only because they deliver one of the finest live performances you will ever see, but also because Barry Ashworth was the only person at the last Breakspoll awards who was in more of a pickle than us!!

We're also looking forward to a bit of grime from Redlight at this year's Bestival, mainly just to hear Basscone being thumped out (truly epic track! drops at 17.01 in the FREE mix below), but his other stuff is good to have a rinse-out to as well!

Also on our must-see list are Too Many T's, Born Ina Barn and Run Riot, perfect funky filthy festival music, as these two FREE mixes should demonstrate!!

. . . and purely because it is still one of the best tunes to hear as the sun is rising, and Mr FX is going to be joining us on the island, here is his remix of Hold You! Love it!!! FREE DOWNLOAD.


Click the map below to download the full PDF version of the 2013 map

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