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Friday, 27 September 2013

Beats to fuel your weekend - 27th Sept 2013 - Free Downloads

Another week is over, so you're thinking about putting your party face on and getting bang on it, right?? Good stuff . . . if only you had some awesome free beats to act as the soundtrack to your weekend of debauchery? Ah well, what a shame, looks like you will have to undergo the next 48 hours in total silence. Pity.

But hold on!! What's that!! Oh, the gallant gents at Funk and Filth have trawled the entire internet (yes, that's right, all of it! And we saw some pretty disturbing stuff, let me assure you!) and, low and behold, we present you with another parade of pant-wobbling basslines and head bobbing, elbow swinging beats for your delectation.

Roll up your sleeves. Chuck on your galoshes. And let the following array of bang tidy beats bounce you through the weekend. Have fun. Don't touch anything that's not yours . . .

Funkatech's finest James D’Ley recently performed live at the world's largest DJ industry event BPM representing Allen & Heath & Funkatech in the main arena, and here is the monster of a set that he smashed out, as a FREE DOWNLOAD for you guys. There are some killers in here, all chopped together with JD's textbook mixing mastery!

If Funk is your thing, then make a date with Father Funk this weekend. His Festival mix is funking banging!! FREE DOWNLOAD.

Witness the Beatvandals sickness, as Dizzee Rascal's Pussyhole gets pumped full of funk! ;) CLICK HERE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD. The Bombstrikes stable is also currently enjoying well-deserved success and wide support for the latest Into Battle Vol. 5 EP, featuring tasty tasty tracks from Pimpsoul, Herbgrinder and Mr No Hands. CLICK HERE to by the EP on Juno Download.

Stanton Warriors surely need no introduction! We're getting seriously hyped about seeing them at Speakerbox in a couple of weeks with DJ Fresh, Mistajam and others, so hopefully this mix will keep us going until then! FREE DOWNLOAD.

The Armory Podcast came out all guns blazing a few weeks ago, and this week sees instalment number 3 from London-based BETA . . . and it doesn't disappoint! FREE DOWNLOAD.

If you're on a DnB mission this weekend, then the latest Jungle Cakes offering from SCAM (with remixes from the Freestylers and Run Tingz Cru) should be right up your alley! Put Up Your Hands will make you do exactly that! CLICK HERE to buy on Juno Download.

Every time another Shambhala festival mix is shared we cry a little tear of disappointment that we couldn't be there! Every single one has been ridiculously good, and this latest mix from CMC Silenta is no exception! FREE DOWNLOAD.

There are a few names out there that you can trust to deliver quality beats every single time; Funkanomics is one of those names! This latest mixtape is the first in a series of FREE DOWNLOADS, so we're obviously pretty aroused at the thought of more to come!

Funk and Filth favourite Doctor Hooka has shared another one of his funk-fuelled bassline sets, and it's another winner! With tracks from the likes of A.Skillz, Flux Pavilion, Jimi Needles and the aforementioned Funkanomics it needs to be in your ears NOW! FREE DOWNLOAD too!

Undeniably one of the filthiest men on the planet, Datsik has released a new FREE EP of tracks so dirty you may need to take a wire brush into the shower with you afterwards. We wouldn't expect anything less from him, nice work.

It's been too long since we featured the works of Savant here on Funk and Filth, but today sees a welcome return! A dangerously original approach to dirty basslines and impeccable production chuck this latest track straight to the top of our playlist this weekend! FREE DOWNLOAD.

No weekend vibe is complete without a little touch of garage, supplied this week by the ATG boys, adding their garage remix caress to Suit & Tie . . . good little way to kick off the weekend! FREE DOWNLOAD.

Leave us a Facey-B comment to let us know what you reckon to any of this funky, filthy lot . . .

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Friday, 20 September 2013

Beats to fuel your weekend - 20th Sept 2013 - Free Downloads

Another weekend is upon us and, no matter what you're doing, one of the awesome things about life today is that we can take our music with us everywhere! Another awesome thing is the fact that Funk and Filth are hear to supply you with a fresh selection of beats and bass to glide you through your weekend! Have a chomp through the smörgåsbord of yummy stuff below and help yourself to FREE DOWNLOADS from the likes of Plump DJs, Kid Digital, Deekline, Datadex, Retropolis and loads more . . .

And if even this lot can't quite quench your hunger for bass, then check out some of our other recent posts for even more free Funk and Filth:
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> Funk-and-Filth-a-thon (Featuring Dubaxface, Featurecast, Virus Syndicate and loads more!)
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> Best Of The Best: September 2013 (Featuring Beatman & Ludmilla, Jimi Needles, Doctor Hooka and loads more!)

Datadex delivers another foot-stomping edit that will have you bouncing big time!

FM-3 smashing out some deliciously deep breakbeats topped with a grimey, wobbly baseline in this Zomboy remix.

Mr No Hands is celebrating double today, as we see his debut release on Bombstrikes, and his awesome Funk night hitting West London!

Without exaggeration, this is one of our favourite tracks we've ever heard! Hold Me Now by Retropolis runs on a pure old school vibe (with all the piano-ey bits and sumptuous female vocals that you'd expect), with a drop and bassline that is so damn perfect it will have you clawing at your own face and kicking holes through walls! You can buy Hold Me Now here on Juno, and/or download the FREE mix from Retropolis below.

Lovely little bonus this week from Kid Digital, as we get a FREE bonus track from his forthcoming album! Sounds like the album is gonna be a banger!! He's also following in the footsteps of Mafia Kiss to be the second DJ to step up to the new Armory Podcast series, and it's another top notch mix!

Plump DJs liked Random Preset's remix of Get Kinky so much that they've decided to give it away free! Check it out, nice reworking of an anthem!!

J-Roc (Sould out DJs) is always a name that inspires confidence! So we knew his Shambhala mix was gonna be pure gold . . and we weren't wrong, grab it here . . .

Deekline delivers yet another stupidly good mix. We don't need to say anything here, we'll just let the music do the talking.

Beautifully chilled bass and beats mix from WesBeanz, maybe save this one til the end of the weekend when your head is feeling a little sore. This is a top notch free chill-out mix!

Nothing new from Busta here, but going back through his Soundcloud account reminded us of the sheer awesomeness of all his free tracks and remixes! Here are a couple of our favourites, but make sure you check out all the others too!

Please leave us a comment to let us know what you think of this array of free beats . . .

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Life Support Machine Flinging Some Serious Funk

A while ago we sent one of our undercover operatives to spy on "the competition" here in our lovely jubbly world of bass. But, after several months of covert operations, and frequent exchanges of gunfire on disused industrial land, we decided to bury the hatchet and form an alliance. So it came about, that the fine folk at Life Support Machine ceased to be our wasteland nemeses and mortal enemies, and instead became our brothers (and sisters) from alternative mothers.

But . . . to this day our bugging devices remain firmly in operation around their secret, underground HQ, which is how we became aware of the following exciting developments over at LSM . . .

Chief Dude of Stuff at LSM, Mr No Hands, has unleashed a new funk night on the fine people of West London, erupting this Friday at The North Star, and if there's one thing we like, it is Funk! (Another thing we also like, is Filth, in case you hadn't figured that out).

Click here for full deets on the night.

To celebrate the new night, and to provide some funky warm-up material, Mr No Hands has welded together the following two FREE mixes for you! Funky stuff, and perfect ear-treacle!

Mr No Hands - Thank Funk It's Friday Mixtape - Part 1 [Early Doors] by Mr No Hands on Mixcloud

CLICK HERE to download this mix for FREE.

Mr No Hands - Thank Funk It's Friday Mixtape - Part 2 [In The Grooves] by Mr No Hands on Mixcloud

CLICK HERE to download this mix for FREE.

On top of this news, Mr No Hands is undoubtedly feeling pretty chuffed with the announcement of his debut release on the mighty Bombstrikes, alongside the funktacular Pimpsoul and Herbgrinder! Coming at you soon (this Friday in fact, 20th Sept), we love it, have a listen here . . .

And not to be outdone by the LSM daddy, the glorious Fifties has also been hard at work in her own beat factory, spanking out several tasty mixes in recent months . . . here is our favourite, and it's free to download too!

We are also hearing rumblings of more exciting news coming soon from the hombres and senoritas at LSM, but you'll just to wait to find out more from them when they are ready . . . ;)

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Friday, 13 September 2013


Another week is drawing to an end, and again we've come across some beats and basslines of spectacular proportions, so it's round about time we shared some of our favourites with you, so you can download them all for free before the weekend sets in!!

Let's not twat about then, let's get stuck in . . .

What happens when you take a fistful of UK filthmongers, pour in a generous splash of Russian ridiculousness, and marinade in bass for an inappropriate amount of time? . . . . . well, you get this! Knock It Back by Virus Syndicate feat. Teddy Killerz is the perfect blend of beats, sub bass and lyricism to have heads bobbing and feet stomping! It's due for imminent release, along with some suitable dutty remixes, which you can preview here on iTunes.

Next up is the man who is undeniably on fire recently! Featurecast has been flinging speaker-melting free downloads at us all year, and his latest re-rub of Wu Tang's Ain't Nuthin' Ta F' Wit has been pimped to his usual standards. FREE DOWNLOAD right here...

Send the children out to play. Lock the pets upstairs. Make sure Grandma's hearing aid is firmly switched off. Because here comes the filthiest of filth from the terrifying minds of Tony Anthem and Axl Ender, it is not for the fainthearted! A half-hour mix comprising some of their most impressive/disturbing work to date. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how it is done. FREE DOWNLOAD too.

While the sheep-like hoards of no-brainers were dutifully swarming around Fatboy Slim, we were experiencing one of the true treasures of Bestival 2013 . . . Born Ina Barn rocked the bollocks off the Come Dancing arena with some spanking hot hip hop and bass! This remix of one of their tracks is a little taster for you, and you can grab the whole album as a FREE DOWNLOAD here.

Like Funk and Filth on Facebook for more exclusive free downloads.

It's almost as if Brazilian mixologist Fabio F put this mix together especially for us! He didn't, but with the likes of REL1, Dubaxface, Electric Soulside, Mafia Kiss, Deekline and Plump DJs all nestling cosily in the mix we're worried he might be able to read minds! Banging mix, grab the FREE DOWNLOAD below.

Still basking in his victory in the recent Krafty Kuts / Instant Vibes remix competition, Beatwrecka has been forging some more sumptuous beats to caress our ear canals with! Check out his moody, garagey re-work of I Still Love You right here, and it's FREE TO DOWNLOAD as well.

Another funky, filthy competition winner of recent times is Mr FunkyDrop, and if his name wasn't enough of a clue, here is his latest mixtape in which drops some serious funk! FREE DOWNLOAD.

While we are still on the subject of competitions, New Zealand's finest - Rage King - is also currently embroiled in a remix comp!! The bassline on this one is perfect for chewing on, so open wide!!

Putting some serious BOOM into pretty much anything is this inescapably badass new nugget from Delicutesse Soundsysteam. Frickin love this!! Make sure you grab the FREE DOWNLOAD now!

And let's finish off on something really special! Consistently one of our favourite DJs and producers, and leading lad of the London breaks scene, Mr Mafia Kiss has rolled up his sleeves and smacked out the first ever guest mix for the new Armoury podcast, from the funky, filthy fellas behind the Space Cowboys / Ripecast! Quality mix as you would expect, and (you guessed it!) a FREE DOWNLOAD too!

And that's it from us for now! Hopefully we've stocked up your funk flagons and filth tanks enough to see you through another weekend!! So have fun, and behave. Or don't behave. Whatever. Just have fun! ;)

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Summertime Rinse-out!!

We've packed up everything in Funk and Filth Towers and we're ready to board a ferry across the Solent for one final festival rinse-out of the summer!! So in case our recent Best of the Best post and Bestival preview posts didn't contain quite enough funk or the required amount of filth, then here is one more collection of free bassline goodness to keep you busy while we're away!!

If you enjoyed the Freestylers VIP mix that we were raving about a few weeks ago, then you'll bloody love this!

Our favourite beatsmiths have spanked together another sick mix, featuring their upcoming new single Falling as well as The Coming Storm (which we've been smashing for a while now!) as well as funky dirty tracks from some of our other favourites - Utah Saints, Elite Force, Defkline & Red Polo, Wilkinson and Feed Me to name just a few! Grab the FREE DOWNLOAD below and enjoy a jolly good brock-out!!

In case that isn't enough to keep you going, then we've got this little beauty from Neon Steve too! We're not shy in showing our admiration for this funky fella, so you shouldn't be too! Grab the FREE DOWNLOAD of this dutty reworking of the classic Insomnia and grind it out loud!!
Click here to grab the FREE DOWNLOAD and why not check the rest of the revamped Bombstrikes Youtube channel for some more of their tasty tunage and videos.

And if even that wasn't quite enough to give you your full-on funk fix, then the latest release from Marten Horger is bound to turn that semi into a full-on stonker!!

Let's Get Fucked Up is released on Krafty's Instant Vibes label and comes with not one, not two, not three, not even four, but FIVE remixes to accompany the original!! The Hashtag DnB mixes are the best if you want to know what we think! Sorry chaps and chapesses, no free download on this one, but you know what, it is occasionally worth splashing a pound/dollar/euro or two to get your hands on some proper tasty beats!! ;) The video (below) is pretty jokes too! Click here to find LGFU on Beatport.

Enjoy peeps! We're off for a few days, see you after Bestival!!

We're off to have a jolly good time at Bestival!
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Monday, 2 September 2013

Best of the Best : September 2013

Summer is not quite over!! The sun is still shining and the beats are still playing out LOUD!! Here's a rundown of the kinda special stuff that we'll be piping through the Funk and Filth system over the next month! Loads of FREE DOWNLOADS included, so read on and enjoy September's Best of the Best!

Check out our last few Best Of The Best posts using these links:
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This month we've got some spanktacular free music from the likes of Deekline, Doctor Hooka, Sanxion, Beatman and Ludmilla, Rucker, Jimi Needles and loads more! Read on . . . .

As we mentioned, summer is still in full swing!! And there can be no better soundtrack to a funking swinging summer than this nugget from Jem Stone and Kid Creole, good funky vibes just oozing out of this one! The instrumental is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD HERE!

As you might have heard, we threw one hell of a party in London a couple of weeks ago, with our Funk and Filth launch night lifting the roof and denting the dancefloor at The Garage! We had some truly epic displays of Funkiness and Filthiness from Dr Hooka, Rennie Pilgrem and Uppercut! Grab yourself a piece of history right now, with a FREE DOWNLOAD of the first ever set played at a Funk and Filth night, the dangerously awesome set from Doctor Hooka is right here . . .

Deekline is as on fire as ever, as his latest set at Shambhala proves! Grab the FREE DOWNLOAD below and spank it out through the biggest speakers you can find, and I think you'll see why Deekline justifies being a pretty much constant inclusion in our Best of the Best posts here on Funk and Filth!

Every now and then we stumble upon a mix so filthy that it induces temporary tourettes and bouts of extreme face-chewing . . . this is one of those sets! Sanxion delivers a mixtape of epic proportions, that will probably leave most of you crying (either in joy, or fear!) - seriously, this is a big one, and it's a FREE DOWNLOAD too! More from Sanxion here.

Jimi Needles is one funky fella for sure, so when his latest FREE DOWNLOAD popped up we knew, before we'd even heard it, that it was going to be a good 'un . . . and we weren't wrong! Plinky, plunky and ridiculously funky, try it and see!

While we're on the subject of funk, did you catch the latest mix from the weird creature that lives in the Funk and Filth basement?? He's cobbled together a set of decks from the various bits of junk that we lob down there with him, and he smashed together The Funk mix for us recently, including some of the funkiest cuts from the last couple of years! FREE DOWNLOAD too!

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We're also pretty damn hyped about Bestival this month! CLICK HERE or click the picture below for loads more Bestival-themed FREE DOWNLOADS!

One of the gems that landed in the Funk and Filth inbox this month was this badboy from Rucker! Brilliantly produced and beautifully filthy remix of Adele's Turning Tables, grab the FREE DOWNLOAD now!

We're big fans of the Monkey Tennis concept - where groups of DJs all contribute a few mixed tracks to a combined mixtape! This one is a textbook example of this in action, bringing together Russia's Kid Digital, the U.S.-based DJ Sharted, and Breakneck and Linda B repping the U.K. It's a FREE DOWNLOAD of course too.

Breakspoll winners and ludicrously awesome DJ/production duo Beatman and Ludmilla must have had fun digging through the archives, as their Soundcloud account erupted this week with a plethora of awesome mixes from their beat factory, spanning back several years! CLICK HERE to listen to all of the mixes, or grab the FREE DOWNLOAD of our particular favourite one right here.

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