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Friday, 27 September 2013

Beats to fuel your weekend - 27th Sept 2013 - Free Downloads

Another week is over, so you're thinking about putting your party face on and getting bang on it, right?? Good stuff . . . if only you had some awesome free beats to act as the soundtrack to your weekend of debauchery? Ah well, what a shame, looks like you will have to undergo the next 48 hours in total silence. Pity.

But hold on!! What's that!! Oh, the gallant gents at Funk and Filth have trawled the entire internet (yes, that's right, all of it! And we saw some pretty disturbing stuff, let me assure you!) and, low and behold, we present you with another parade of pant-wobbling basslines and head bobbing, elbow swinging beats for your delectation.

Roll up your sleeves. Chuck on your galoshes. And let the following array of bang tidy beats bounce you through the weekend. Have fun. Don't touch anything that's not yours . . .

Funkatech's finest James D’Ley recently performed live at the world's largest DJ industry event BPM representing Allen & Heath & Funkatech in the main arena, and here is the monster of a set that he smashed out, as a FREE DOWNLOAD for you guys. There are some killers in here, all chopped together with JD's textbook mixing mastery!

If Funk is your thing, then make a date with Father Funk this weekend. His Festival mix is funking banging!! FREE DOWNLOAD.

Witness the Beatvandals sickness, as Dizzee Rascal's Pussyhole gets pumped full of funk! ;) CLICK HERE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD. The Bombstrikes stable is also currently enjoying well-deserved success and wide support for the latest Into Battle Vol. 5 EP, featuring tasty tasty tracks from Pimpsoul, Herbgrinder and Mr No Hands. CLICK HERE to by the EP on Juno Download.

Stanton Warriors surely need no introduction! We're getting seriously hyped about seeing them at Speakerbox in a couple of weeks with DJ Fresh, Mistajam and others, so hopefully this mix will keep us going until then! FREE DOWNLOAD.

The Armory Podcast came out all guns blazing a few weeks ago, and this week sees instalment number 3 from London-based BETA . . . and it doesn't disappoint! FREE DOWNLOAD.

If you're on a DnB mission this weekend, then the latest Jungle Cakes offering from SCAM (with remixes from the Freestylers and Run Tingz Cru) should be right up your alley! Put Up Your Hands will make you do exactly that! CLICK HERE to buy on Juno Download.

Every time another Shambhala festival mix is shared we cry a little tear of disappointment that we couldn't be there! Every single one has been ridiculously good, and this latest mix from CMC Silenta is no exception! FREE DOWNLOAD.

There are a few names out there that you can trust to deliver quality beats every single time; Funkanomics is one of those names! This latest mixtape is the first in a series of FREE DOWNLOADS, so we're obviously pretty aroused at the thought of more to come!

Funk and Filth favourite Doctor Hooka has shared another one of his funk-fuelled bassline sets, and it's another winner! With tracks from the likes of A.Skillz, Flux Pavilion, Jimi Needles and the aforementioned Funkanomics it needs to be in your ears NOW! FREE DOWNLOAD too!

Undeniably one of the filthiest men on the planet, Datsik has released a new FREE EP of tracks so dirty you may need to take a wire brush into the shower with you afterwards. We wouldn't expect anything less from him, nice work.

It's been too long since we featured the works of Savant here on Funk and Filth, but today sees a welcome return! A dangerously original approach to dirty basslines and impeccable production chuck this latest track straight to the top of our playlist this weekend! FREE DOWNLOAD.

No weekend vibe is complete without a little touch of garage, supplied this week by the ATG boys, adding their garage remix caress to Suit & Tie . . . good little way to kick off the weekend! FREE DOWNLOAD.

Leave us a Facey-B comment to let us know what you reckon to any of this funky, filthy lot . . .

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  1. Big thank you for including me with these heavyweights :) big love for Funk & Filth

    1. Keep up the good work Doctor! Many more patients need your help! ;)


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