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Monday, 2 September 2013

Best of the Best : September 2013

Summer is not quite over!! The sun is still shining and the beats are still playing out LOUD!! Here's a rundown of the kinda special stuff that we'll be piping through the Funk and Filth system over the next month! Loads of FREE DOWNLOADS included, so read on and enjoy September's Best of the Best!

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This month we've got some spanktacular free music from the likes of Deekline, Doctor Hooka, Sanxion, Beatman and Ludmilla, Rucker, Jimi Needles and loads more! Read on . . . .

As we mentioned, summer is still in full swing!! And there can be no better soundtrack to a funking swinging summer than this nugget from Jem Stone and Kid Creole, good funky vibes just oozing out of this one! The instrumental is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD HERE!

As you might have heard, we threw one hell of a party in London a couple of weeks ago, with our Funk and Filth launch night lifting the roof and denting the dancefloor at The Garage! We had some truly epic displays of Funkiness and Filthiness from Dr Hooka, Rennie Pilgrem and Uppercut! Grab yourself a piece of history right now, with a FREE DOWNLOAD of the first ever set played at a Funk and Filth night, the dangerously awesome set from Doctor Hooka is right here . . .

Deekline is as on fire as ever, as his latest set at Shambhala proves! Grab the FREE DOWNLOAD below and spank it out through the biggest speakers you can find, and I think you'll see why Deekline justifies being a pretty much constant inclusion in our Best of the Best posts here on Funk and Filth!

Every now and then we stumble upon a mix so filthy that it induces temporary tourettes and bouts of extreme face-chewing . . . this is one of those sets! Sanxion delivers a mixtape of epic proportions, that will probably leave most of you crying (either in joy, or fear!) - seriously, this is a big one, and it's a FREE DOWNLOAD too! More from Sanxion here.

Jimi Needles is one funky fella for sure, so when his latest FREE DOWNLOAD popped up we knew, before we'd even heard it, that it was going to be a good 'un . . . and we weren't wrong! Plinky, plunky and ridiculously funky, try it and see!

While we're on the subject of funk, did you catch the latest mix from the weird creature that lives in the Funk and Filth basement?? He's cobbled together a set of decks from the various bits of junk that we lob down there with him, and he smashed together The Funk mix for us recently, including some of the funkiest cuts from the last couple of years! FREE DOWNLOAD too!

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We're also pretty damn hyped about Bestival this month! CLICK HERE or click the picture below for loads more Bestival-themed FREE DOWNLOADS!

One of the gems that landed in the Funk and Filth inbox this month was this badboy from Rucker! Brilliantly produced and beautifully filthy remix of Adele's Turning Tables, grab the FREE DOWNLOAD now!

We're big fans of the Monkey Tennis concept - where groups of DJs all contribute a few mixed tracks to a combined mixtape! This one is a textbook example of this in action, bringing together Russia's Kid Digital, the U.S.-based DJ Sharted, and Breakneck and Linda B repping the U.K. It's a FREE DOWNLOAD of course too.

Breakspoll winners and ludicrously awesome DJ/production duo Beatman and Ludmilla must have had fun digging through the archives, as their Soundcloud account erupted this week with a plethora of awesome mixes from their beat factory, spanning back several years! CLICK HERE to listen to all of the mixes, or grab the FREE DOWNLOAD of our particular favourite one right here.

Our Funk and Filth Rogues' Gallery is open for business! Want to see your face alongside this funky filthy lot?
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