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Friday, 13 September 2013


Another week is drawing to an end, and again we've come across some beats and basslines of spectacular proportions, so it's round about time we shared some of our favourites with you, so you can download them all for free before the weekend sets in!!

Let's not twat about then, let's get stuck in . . .

What happens when you take a fistful of UK filthmongers, pour in a generous splash of Russian ridiculousness, and marinade in bass for an inappropriate amount of time? . . . . . well, you get this! Knock It Back by Virus Syndicate feat. Teddy Killerz is the perfect blend of beats, sub bass and lyricism to have heads bobbing and feet stomping! It's due for imminent release, along with some suitable dutty remixes, which you can preview here on iTunes.

Next up is the man who is undeniably on fire recently! Featurecast has been flinging speaker-melting free downloads at us all year, and his latest re-rub of Wu Tang's Ain't Nuthin' Ta F' Wit has been pimped to his usual standards. FREE DOWNLOAD right here...

Send the children out to play. Lock the pets upstairs. Make sure Grandma's hearing aid is firmly switched off. Because here comes the filthiest of filth from the terrifying minds of Tony Anthem and Axl Ender, it is not for the fainthearted! A half-hour mix comprising some of their most impressive/disturbing work to date. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how it is done. FREE DOWNLOAD too.

While the sheep-like hoards of no-brainers were dutifully swarming around Fatboy Slim, we were experiencing one of the true treasures of Bestival 2013 . . . Born Ina Barn rocked the bollocks off the Come Dancing arena with some spanking hot hip hop and bass! This remix of one of their tracks is a little taster for you, and you can grab the whole album as a FREE DOWNLOAD here.

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It's almost as if Brazilian mixologist Fabio F put this mix together especially for us! He didn't, but with the likes of REL1, Dubaxface, Electric Soulside, Mafia Kiss, Deekline and Plump DJs all nestling cosily in the mix we're worried he might be able to read minds! Banging mix, grab the FREE DOWNLOAD below.

Still basking in his victory in the recent Krafty Kuts / Instant Vibes remix competition, Beatwrecka has been forging some more sumptuous beats to caress our ear canals with! Check out his moody, garagey re-work of I Still Love You right here, and it's FREE TO DOWNLOAD as well.

Another funky, filthy competition winner of recent times is Mr FunkyDrop, and if his name wasn't enough of a clue, here is his latest mixtape in which drops some serious funk! FREE DOWNLOAD.

While we are still on the subject of competitions, New Zealand's finest - Rage King - is also currently embroiled in a remix comp!! The bassline on this one is perfect for chewing on, so open wide!!

Putting some serious BOOM into pretty much anything is this inescapably badass new nugget from Delicutesse Soundsysteam. Frickin love this!! Make sure you grab the FREE DOWNLOAD now!

And let's finish off on something really special! Consistently one of our favourite DJs and producers, and leading lad of the London breaks scene, Mr Mafia Kiss has rolled up his sleeves and smacked out the first ever guest mix for the new Armoury podcast, from the funky, filthy fellas behind the Space Cowboys / Ripecast! Quality mix as you would expect, and (you guessed it!) a FREE DOWNLOAD too!

And that's it from us for now! Hopefully we've stocked up your funk flagons and filth tanks enough to see you through another weekend!! So have fun, and behave. Or don't behave. Whatever. Just have fun! ;)

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