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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Life Support Machine Flinging Some Serious Funk

A while ago we sent one of our undercover operatives to spy on "the competition" here in our lovely jubbly world of bass. But, after several months of covert operations, and frequent exchanges of gunfire on disused industrial land, we decided to bury the hatchet and form an alliance. So it came about, that the fine folk at Life Support Machine ceased to be our wasteland nemeses and mortal enemies, and instead became our brothers (and sisters) from alternative mothers.

But . . . to this day our bugging devices remain firmly in operation around their secret, underground HQ, which is how we became aware of the following exciting developments over at LSM . . .

Chief Dude of Stuff at LSM, Mr No Hands, has unleashed a new funk night on the fine people of West London, erupting this Friday at The North Star, and if there's one thing we like, it is Funk! (Another thing we also like, is Filth, in case you hadn't figured that out).

Click here for full deets on the night.

To celebrate the new night, and to provide some funky warm-up material, Mr No Hands has welded together the following two FREE mixes for you! Funky stuff, and perfect ear-treacle!

Mr No Hands - Thank Funk It's Friday Mixtape - Part 1 [Early Doors] by Mr No Hands on Mixcloud

CLICK HERE to download this mix for FREE.

Mr No Hands - Thank Funk It's Friday Mixtape - Part 2 [In The Grooves] by Mr No Hands on Mixcloud

CLICK HERE to download this mix for FREE.

On top of this news, Mr No Hands is undoubtedly feeling pretty chuffed with the announcement of his debut release on the mighty Bombstrikes, alongside the funktacular Pimpsoul and Herbgrinder! Coming at you soon (this Friday in fact, 20th Sept), we love it, have a listen here . . .

And not to be outdone by the LSM daddy, the glorious Fifties has also been hard at work in her own beat factory, spanking out several tasty mixes in recent months . . . here is our favourite, and it's free to download too!

We are also hearing rumblings of more exciting news coming soon from the hombres and senoritas at LSM, but you'll just to wait to find out more from them when they are ready . . . ;)

Click the pic below to grab loads more exclusive free downloads!

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