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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Summertime Rinse-out!!

We've packed up everything in Funk and Filth Towers and we're ready to board a ferry across the Solent for one final festival rinse-out of the summer!! So in case our recent Best of the Best post and Bestival preview posts didn't contain quite enough funk or the required amount of filth, then here is one more collection of free bassline goodness to keep you busy while we're away!!

If you enjoyed the Freestylers VIP mix that we were raving about a few weeks ago, then you'll bloody love this!

Our favourite beatsmiths have spanked together another sick mix, featuring their upcoming new single Falling as well as The Coming Storm (which we've been smashing for a while now!) as well as funky dirty tracks from some of our other favourites - Utah Saints, Elite Force, Defkline & Red Polo, Wilkinson and Feed Me to name just a few! Grab the FREE DOWNLOAD below and enjoy a jolly good brock-out!!

In case that isn't enough to keep you going, then we've got this little beauty from Neon Steve too! We're not shy in showing our admiration for this funky fella, so you shouldn't be too! Grab the FREE DOWNLOAD of this dutty reworking of the classic Insomnia and grind it out loud!!
Click here to grab the FREE DOWNLOAD and why not check the rest of the revamped Bombstrikes Youtube channel for some more of their tasty tunage and videos.

And if even that wasn't quite enough to give you your full-on funk fix, then the latest release from Marten Horger is bound to turn that semi into a full-on stonker!!

Let's Get Fucked Up is released on Krafty's Instant Vibes label and comes with not one, not two, not three, not even four, but FIVE remixes to accompany the original!! The Hashtag DnB mixes are the best if you want to know what we think! Sorry chaps and chapesses, no free download on this one, but you know what, it is occasionally worth splashing a pound/dollar/euro or two to get your hands on some proper tasty beats!! ;) The video (below) is pretty jokes too! Click here to find LGFU on Beatport.

Enjoy peeps! We're off for a few days, see you after Bestival!!

We're off to have a jolly good time at Bestival!
Click the image below to find out wha'gwan and grab some free tunes!

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