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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ben & Lex - Exclusive Free Mix and Interview

Ben & Lex have been riding high among our favourite DJs for a long, long time now, a position perpetuated mainly by their utterly reckless approach towards filthy, dirty, lovely music! I’ll never forget the day one of the lads’ girlfriends felt physically ill after listening to their remix of Say Yes! This is the proper stuff.

So we hunted the boys down and forced some free music out of them for you, that’s how nice we are to you lot! ;)

We held Ben hostage for several weeks until Lex finally agreed to grant us an exclusive interview, as well as an EXCLUSIVE FREE MIX from the boys . . . but only if we promised never to release Ben again. Ever.

As you'd expect, this brand new, free mix is unadulterated, cutting edge filth, with jungle, breaks, and garage vibes intermingled with full on dubstep warfare - we reckon you're gonna love it!

Click here to download Ben & Lex's Exclusive Funk and Filth Mix for FREE!
Tracklist for the mix is at the bottom of this post.

Read on for the exclusive interview, in which we discuss important topics such as Lex’s filthy bangers, loaning Ben out to perform ‘special services’, and what can only be described as “Big bad dutty bass man ting” . . . . .

So, summer here in the UK is officially over. What were your highlights? Any particular festivals or other events that have provided some awesome (if a little fuzzy) memories?

We definitely enjoyed the Festivals again. We seem to be built for them ☺ Beautiful Days was a highlight as ever – the crowd is just too good. It’s nearly always up there in the fave shows of any summer tbh. – And Krafty & A.Skillz did a nice job of warming up for us ( teehee ;) )

We hear you’ve got a tour planned? This excites us greatly! Where are you going to be ripping it up, and are there any other funky, filthy fellas and bellas joining you on your travels?

Well in fact it’s us joining the Dub Pistols on their tour technically. My lovely mate Mr Barry Ashworth has been kind enough to have us along for the ride for the Southern half of their Winter UK tour…We would have gone up north but I haven’t had my Flu shots and I can’t find my passport ;)

Check out the tour dates here.

Obviously the whole tour is set to be ridiculously good! But is there one date/venue that you’re looking forward to the most?

I think it’s got to be playing the Jazz CafĂ© actually. It’s a bit of a special venue for me as I’ve seen loads of my musical heroes play there but never set foot on the stage myself – No pressure then haha!

There’s a new Ben & Lex album too right? What can we expect? Thrown in any curveballs for our audible pleasure? Got any previews we can listen too? ;)

There is indeed. We are just getting ready to wrap it all up now. Out at some point spring next year I imagine - and there are most definitely curveballs. We wanted to make a proper album – not just a bunch of dancefloor bangers chucked together and called an album. So there are some ‘proper songs’ on there too. But don’t get me wrong there are some filthy bangers in there as well. It is us after all. I think we just wanted it to show the whole spectrum of our musical influences and of how we got here really.

What do you use as the main inspiration for your music? Was there a particular genre or artist that you listened to a lot of when you were a kid? Do any of you have any particularly embarrassing skeletons in your musical closet?

Embarrassing wise …plenty I imagine… I’m pretty sure I’ve got some awesomely bad 7”s from when I was a kid that I got given by my nan trying to look ‘cool’…But my first LP I bought myself was 3 Ft High & Rising by De La Soul so I’m pretty proud of that haha! As a kid though I listened to a lot of Blues and Soul as that’s what my folks were into…and then I developed the taste for it too and now have a silly collection of records that takes up four walls in my house….

Are there any other awesome up-and-coming musicians/producers/DJs/artists that we should look out for on the bass music scene? Anyone that we might not have heard of who’s rocking things for you right now?

Everybody should definitely check out the Gorgon Sound boys who remixed our new single AKA Kahn & Neek and their amazing label home Pengsound Records. Joe kahn is making big moves full stop. He has the potential to do some silly big things in his future I think..Well..Even..Bigger things

You can do a back-to-back set or track/remix collaboration with any artist or DJ in the world. Literally anyone. Who would you pick?

I reckon Benny would happily do a weird ass minimal techno B2B Dj session with Richie Hawtin or Jeff Mills…..Musically though I could name so many artists I could dream of working with I will in fact name none haha… …Ah f*ck it ..Today I’ll say Erykah Badu or Lemmy from Motorhead. Tomorrow it will be different.

Do you have that one special, never-fail tune that you always have in your back pocket, ready to drop into a set to destroy the dancefloor? How has your choice of killer tune evolved over the years since you started out?

One tune that has ALWAYS stayed in the box, then CD wallet, then USB that will never leave is ‘Hell Yeah’ by Ed209 and Ken Mac on Hardcore Beats. The Luda sample ( That everyone always used to think was Scotty himself hehe) is a winner then the bassline for me kills it 24/7. Festival winner and no mistake

Hell Yeah by Ed209 can be found in Ben & Lex’s monstrous 15 Years Of Beatz & Bobz Mix – CLICK HERE for free download.

Where do you go to discover new music for your sets, and where do you actually buy music from? Are there any particular sites, stores or people that you get your music from?

It’s hard to find a way through the shops now – navigating your way through all the dross so I tend to go more on what I see/hear around and friends recommendations. And other than that its normally by going digging for dusty 7”s tbh

If you could trademark your own dance music genre, what would you call it?

I dunno man haha…That’s a question that we’ve been asked a lot and I’m still not sure – We were describing what we played as ‘music with shit loads of bass irrelevant of genre’ well before the newly coined term of ‘Bass Music’ came in so something around there really – ‘Big bad dutty bass man ting’…That’ll do ;)

This is a big question now . . . not musically related but very very important to us, so we ask it to everyone! Footwear. Which one of you guys has the best taste in trainers? What’s the coolest pair in your footlocker at the moment? Help us feed our footwear fetish!

Me – Full stop – I have a room for my AF1’s. Benny has two pairs of black special needs shoes. Debate over.

We’ve got a similar fetish for headphones too. What cans do you guys use for DJing, and what do you use in everyday life to drown-out reality?

We use Pioneer DJ 1000’s since the dawn of time tbh …they have never let us down ever. In normal life I use inane banter from Benjamin to drown out reality…..Works every time as he speaks the language of the matrix and I don’t so it’s like that SAS White noise shit coming at you, so all the screaming babies in the world on a train with a hangover can’t get through that… I can loan him out for a fee?

A favour for our budding DJs/Producers please . . . Music production and DJing aren’t easy to be awesome at. What would be your one tip for an aspiring artist, DJ or producer? What is the most important thing to get good at?

I always answer this type of question the same but today I shall do it in the style of Drake haha.. ‘Just do you’… Get good at knowing what it is you want to do musically and stick to your guns… It may take a minute but not doing what everyone else does and making music you want to will pay off in one way or another. Fo deffo.

. . . . and finally, an important question, when you woke up this morning, were you feeling more funky, or more filthy? (Musically of course!)

Funky then Filthy…. I wake up to the sounds of Stevie Wonder singing ‘As’ in my head then R.A. the Rugged Man muscles his way in and it all goes a bit , “I'm like "C*nt, p*ssy, lick tw*t, lick d*ck"
No, my vocabulary ain't improved one bit” (Sorry Mum)

Ben & Lex's 'Our Music EP' is out now! CLICK HERE to buy it on Juno, or CLICK HERE for iTunes.

Ben & Lex Funk and Filth Exclusive Mix Tracklist:

- Freq Nasty 'Dread At The Controls'
- Ben & Lex 'Back To The Boom Break'
- Deekline 'Feelin'
- Rain City Riot 'Work The Love'
- Ben & Lex ft Rodeny P 'Ill Not Sick' '
- Cakeboy 'Funkin Marvelous'
- Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack'
- Plump Djs 'Get Kinky (Random Preset Remix)'
- Ben & Lex ft Earl 16 'Our Music'
- Pyramid 'Mr Happy'
- Serial Killerz 'Dutty Sound'
- Ben & Lex 'Soundgal VIP'
- Backdraft 'Pon A Knife Edge (Warrior One Remix)'
- Danny Byrd 'Bad Boy Back Again'
- S.C.A.M 'Put Your Hands Up (Freestylers vs Chris Unknown Mix)'

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