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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Best of the Best : October 2013

There’s loads of free music all over the internet, problem is, a lot of it is shit! But a lot of it also awesome too. That’s where we come in . . . we strap on our wellies and wade through all the shite to filter out only the best beats and bass each month, then we load it into funk bombs and fire it from the filth cannon directly into your face! So here you go, there are loads of FREE DOWNLOADS included, just read on and enjoy the Best of the Best for October 2013!

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This month we're sharing deviously good free music from the likes of Krafty Kuts, Kid Digital, Ben & Lex, Elite Force, Camo & Krooked, Sadhu and loads more! Read on . . . .

Kid Digital delivers a banging breaks mix for compatriot Lady Waks’s Record Club Show. Rammed full of his own tracks and bootlegs you know it’s gonna be a banger! Free download too!

Ben & Lex have unleashed a brand new exclusive Funk and Filth mix! That’s right, it's FREE, and you can only get it here! They’re also joining Dub Pistols on their upcoming tour, so check the dates, and go see them if they’re near you!

Adding a well needed touch of funk to this month’s playlist is Canada’s Stickybuds. This remix is literally oozing with the funky stuff, and we’re lapping it up!

Neon Steve has added his bassline magic to one of the anthems of 2013 and, as we’ve come to expect from him, it’s pretty damn tasty.

There are few people who provide a funkier mix than Krafty Kuts. With this latest free download he’s reminding people that he’s been at the top of the game for over 10 years, with a hark back to the funky side of 2003!

The heavyweights really are throwing their musical weight around at the moment, and Elite Force is no exception, serving us up a free download of his Wickerman set from the Scottish leg of his festival dates! Nice one!

SkiiTour & Slynk have combined forces to deliver a serious contender for our favourite free download of the year!! Get your stomping boots on and have a bounce to this one!

A fresh REL1 Re-dub is always a thing to behold! He’s performed his usual magic on this latest nugget!

Gumshields in. Elbow pads on. Trousers down. It’s Sadhu. Nothing more to say.

Austrian maestros Camo & Krooked deliver a damn fine bass mix to not only launch you into the weekend, but power you through to the other side too! DnB, house, breaks, a bit of everything in this beauty!

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