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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Slamboree : New Track (feat. Deekline) + Free Download

When our favourite pyro-circus-rave-massive team up with one of our all time DJ heroes there is only ever going to be one outcome . . . some downright stupidly good and infectious party beats!

And when Slamboree and Deekline indulged in musical copulation, a big, bouncing, beautiful breakbeat baby was conceived! This week their creation, Cheeky Peepers, hits the Beatport shelves, so you lucky lot can get your grubby little hands and ears all over it finally!

We've seem both Slamboree and Deekline up and down the country at various festivals and blurry nights over the last couple of years, and this remix brings together the best of both worlds: Slamboree's plainly bonkers dancefloor assaulting breakbeat attitude, and Deekline's unmistakable touch of kick-snare mastery . . . all topped off with Kathika's bang-tidy lyricism - what more could you ask for!?

As this is Funk and Filth, there's always something FREE for you to grab as well! Here we have our favourite Slamboree track ever, Big Bada Boomtown, which contains a little bit of everything that makes Slamboree awesome!
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