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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Best of the Best : November 2013

We've done the legwork for you again this month! We've been punishing our ears with some truly awful music, but also blessing our brains with some delectable basslines, breakbeats and other funky filthy stuff, filtering out only the best the internet has to offer to share with you! And here you are, all of the good stuff, none of the bad! There are loads of FREE DOWNLOADS included, just read on and enjoy the Best of the Best for November 2013!

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This month we've got free music from Freerange DJs, Krafty Kuts, Utah Saints, Big Beat Bronson, Fifties, Pegboard Nerds and loads more . . . get stuck in!!

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Those Audio:Hertz boys have been hard at work! First delivering a banging free mix for The Fusion Project podcast, this is electro house warfare at it's yummiest, with bass drops that will have you stomping through to the basement! Secondly they are gearing up for the Stomp Out Cancer charity fundraiser on 8th December, which is not only for a very worthy cause, but looks to be a hell of a night too! Check it out!

Now this, ladies and gentlemen, THIS is immense! Pegboard Nerds are awesome enough in themselves, but when they recruit remixing power like this it promises something dangerously exciting, and it doesn't disappoint! So who have they got onboard to remix their new track High Roller? Only Dodge & Fuski, Far Too Loud, Astronaut and some fella called Krafty Kuts!! Yeah, you heard right . . all four of them each delivering their own stomping re-work, and there's a free promo mix too containing all of them plus more Disciple Recording monsters. I say again. This. Is. Immense.

Halloween is upon us, and if you're hitting any parties then you'll need some seriously spooky tunage to get you through the fancy-dress clad bellends that you will undoubtedly encounter! This free minimix from the awesome Utah Saints is one of the best about this year, with a devious concoction of genres all thrown in the cauldron. Click through to the youtube channel for free download.

Let's start off November as we intend to go on, with bag loads of big beautiful bass from the very outset, just like this massive bass onslaught from Big Beat Bronson! What's more, it's a Funk and Filth exclusive free download, get it here!

In case you missed the recent results, you funky filthy lot voted Pleasensations by Neon Steve as the winner in our Mix Of The Year 2013 poll! Click here to see how close the result was, and to grab all the other awesome mixes from the likes of Stanton Warriors, J-Roc, Ed Solo, Doctor Hooka and loads more.

Last week we saw the legend that is Deekline remix Slamboree's Cheeky Peepers, and now another of our favourite festival acts have got in on the action! The Freerange trio have turned their hands to an extremeley large reworking of the Slamboree monster. Check it out, definitely special!

Keeping up with the halloween theme, this latest free edit from DJ 818 is perfect party playlist fodder! Terrifying bass wobbles, spooky plunky-plonky bits and the obligatory horror movie sample all combine to make this something pretty pukka . . . . some might even call it a "monster mash"!!? (sorry).

Two of our favourite beat flingers, Fisso & Spark, have let rip with another damn fine free breaks mix. Featuring a couple of their own creations, smashed in alongside some top notch basslines from the likes of Stanton Warriors, Colombo, Meat Katie and loads more, it's safe to say that this mix is gonna get smashed out a lot at Funk and Filth HQ this month!

Krafty Kuts is at it again, this time tagteaming with Stereo:Type (yes, that's right, him what used to be Screwface in CTRL-Z & Screwface, legend!) on a haunting halloween minimix! It's free to download too, don't get too scared now kiddies!

What happens when you take a couple of dozen tracks from two of the finest breaks labels known to man and mix them together in textbook style? Well, you get this latest mix from firm Funk and Filth favourite Fifties! She's taken some the best known tracks from the LOT 49 and Finger Lickin' franchises and crafted an inch-perfect mixtape for us all - as you can expect there are some absolute anthems in here!!

Mr Bill describes his latest with collaboration with StickyBuds as a "DnB banger", and he ain't wrong! Free download too!

Instalment #7 in the fantastic Armory Podcast series is delivered by Bertie Dastard, a kindred spirit from the bang tidy Free Breaks Blog camp. If you thought Episodes 1 - 6 were good, then trust us, this is the best one yet!!

The halloween theme wouldn't be complete without a big bad dutty mixtape for you horrors to grind to! This is where Dublic step in, the Hungarian duo delivering some beautifully filthy beats in their free Halloween minimix!

When drum n bass legends like Total Science spin out a previously unreleased dub for free we're bound to be all over that! From the guys behind the truly legendary Champion Sound, and the thunderous Nosher (from back in the day when DnB was made for getting stupid to in a big dark noisy room full of messheads, not for chirpy lucoazde adverts!), in our opinion these guys are drum n bass royalty, and the free mix below goes further to prove it!

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