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Friday, 13 December 2013

Beats to fuel your weekend - 13th Dec 2013 - Free Downloads

It's been another one of those weeks!! With so much music flying about on t'internet it can be hard to tell the difference between the dog's bollocks and the dog turds . . . but fear not, that is exactly what Funk and Filth are here to do for you.

To propel you face first, pants down into the weekend with a big fat smile on your face, we present you with the following array of tasty baselines and arse-clenchingly good beats . . . 99% of them are FREE DOWNLOADS too!

First things first. Throughout December we're counting down the funkiest and filthiest people on the planet, and dishing out a whole load of their free music, so if you haven't checked out the brand new Funk and Filth Hall of Fame, then make sure you bring yourself up to speed!

The year is coming to a close, and whether it's been one to remember, one to forget, or one that you couldn't possibly remember if you tried, you can bet that NYE is going to go off with a bang! Well it certainly is if you're at the Super Secret NYE Shindig that James D’Ley is playing at in London . . . his NYE warm-up mix is a full-throttle onslaught of the purest tear-out material . . . as you would expect ;) Nice one JD!

CLICK HERE to download for free from Facebook.

Krafty Kuts's latest Instant Vibes release has received some naughty remix work, notably from #FandFHOF newcomers Krossbow, but also in the form of this choppy, glitchy free download re-worked by TiKay!

CLICK HERE to download for free.

How would you like a free download mix of everything that the Kane FM posse have been thumping out over the last 12 months?? Errrr, fuck yes!!! Big stuff.

CLICK HERE to download for free.

Loving the beats so far? Leave a comment to let us know what you think…

Beat Breaker rounds off his latest free-download-a-thon with a relentless hour of breaks mayhem! Gumshields and elbow pads required people, this is a naughty one!

CLICK HERE to download for free.

Looking for the latest free bassline roller to add a lick and a kick to your sets? This fine little re-work from the hands of Mal Funk Shun should do the trick!

CLICK HERE to download for free.

Our favourite electro house duo have just given birth to another beautiful bass baby. The latest free mixtape from Klaypex is just as you would expect: sweet!

CLICK HERE to download for free.

Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion put their heads together to deliver one of the most devastating mixtapes of the year, in the shape of their brand new podcast series. Jungle heads and breaks fans rejoice, this is the shit!

CLICK HERE to download for free.

Ahead of their Christmas party at Fire this weekend, Stanton Warriors decided to share their latest mix with the masses as a free download. How jolly nice of them, it's a banger!

CLICK HERE to download for free.

Now normally you'd get in trouble for opening your presents before Christmas Day, but hey, this is Funk and Filth and we make the rules! So here's a sneak preview of the tooth-grindingly devastating FREE 3 track E.P. from The Dirty Rich. Your FREE DOWNLOAD of the Some Noise E.P. will be available right here on Funk and Filth on Christmas Day! Click here to sign up to our email mailing list to get it before anyone else!

CLICK HERE to sign up to the Funk and Filth mailing list.

Every now and then we stumble upon a remix of such epic beauty that we simply have to share the love. The production on this rework of Royals by Lorde is inch perfect, and you can bet this version will be decimating dancefloors throughout the festive period!

CLICK HERE to download for free from Facebook.

With a genuine(?!) Phd in Funk, Doctor Hooka knows a thing or too about beats to make your ass shake . . demonstrated in his latest mix!

CLICK HERE to download for free.

Liquid funk to pour all over your head and lather into your more sensitive areas . . . thanks Dusty Tonez, we're dripping in beautiful funk right now! :D

CLICK HERE to download from Juno Download.

Who wants an ENTIRE FREE ALBUM?? Well here you go, courtesy of the fine beatsmithing and bassline craftsmanship of North Base. Following a busy year playing at Fabric, Global Gathering, Warehouse Project and countless other big dirty nights, the guys have decided to offer their new album absolutely free!! Head on over to the North Base Facebook page for your free download when the album launches on 20th Dec!

CLICK HERE to download for free from Facebook from 20th Dec.

This week Erb N Dub switched on the free download on his DnB Arena mix with Navigator from a couple of years back. Drum n Bass sounding proper tasty, mmmmm, yummy.

CLICK HERE to download for free.

Sangers & Ra are putting out our favourite weekly podcast at the moment. Big tunes, interviews with the people who matter in the bass business (it was Dom from Stanton Warriors) last week . . . what more could you ask for. Quality listening, get on this!!

CLICK HERE to download for free.

Funky breaks in your face, dripping down your chin and all over your chest!! Just how we like it, pukka stuff from Howla!! 4 track E.P. for FREE DOWNLOAD!

CLICK HERE to download Llama Pimp for free.
CLICK HERE to download My Friend Moe for free.
CLICK HERE to download Keep Rockin for free.
CLICK HERE to download Sleazy Teacher for free.

Click the pic for more free downloads from the funkiest and filthiest people alive!

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