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Friday, 13 December 2013

Filth #13 - Funkatech

Yes, this is technically more than one person, but it's our Hall of Fame, so we can make the rules! :)

The Funkatech boys have had another magnificent year, so we wanted to include them in the #FandFHOF, but by glooping them altogether we get more space to include more awesomeness elsewhere too!

James D'Ley has been flying this year (literally and musically) with plenty more of his quality mix work being delivered all round the globe!

Far Too Loud has been decimating arenas worldwide on his quest for global domination!

The Pyramid guys have been spanking out top notch breaks and jungle which, as you would expect, has had ears bleeding with sheer pleasure up and down the land.

And those Specimen A wrong-uns have been peddalling their own particular brand of filth eexpertly as ever, with some sojourns into the world of trap music too. All in all, a quality stable of bass music thoroughbreds that had to been included here in our countdown!

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