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Monday, 23 December 2013

Filth #3 - Dub Pistols

Mr B. Ashworth and his merry band of wrong-uns are THE live bass music act to catch at the moment. But be warned, they don’t hold back!

With a full throttle onslaught of breaks, drum n bass, and pretty much anything else they feel like flinging out on the night, Dub Pistols are likely to leave you feeling violated (in a good way) as you stagger out at the end of the night! They started off the year with the Breakspoll award for Best Live Act, and filled the second half of 2013 with their tour, which encompassed a thumping main stage set at Bestival at the end of the summer. Download some of their stuff here for free, but for the full fat flavour, catch a live set!

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