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Friday, 13 December 2013

Funk #13 - Doctor Hooka

Doctor Hooka's mixes always fill us with an ecstatically funky feeling, kind of like having butterflies flapping around in your head . . . Butterflies who are all smashed on copious amounts of rum! :) So it was the best treat possible when, during a last minute emergency when arranging our Funk and Filth party night in August, the good Doctor himself came to our rescue and agreed to play a funkified set for us!!

Apart from his now legendary position as having played the first ever set at an official Funk and Filth club night, he has also delivered an array of delectable funk for our listening pleasure, churning out a banging new free mix pretty much every week, including our official Hall of Fame mix, which you can download for free here!! Add these badboys to your playlist, kick back, and funk out!!

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