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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Best of the Best : February 2014

2014 is looking like a goooood year from a Funk and Filth point of view! We've got a few exciting things of our own bubbling under at Funk and Filth HQ (which we'll let you know more about as soon as we can!), and we're being greeted every day but some bloody brilliant new music! So here is our pick of our favourites for February 2014, in this post you'll find all the free music you need to blast you through the rest of the month! :D

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This month we've got free music from Wicked City, DJ Hype, Mass Evil, Featurecast and loads more . . . get stuck in!!

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This is nothing short of absolute brilliance from Featurecast! His latest mix will be on the Funk and Filth playlist for months, if not years to come! Special stuff, KAPOW!

Click here for free download.

James D’Ley has delivered a spanktacular walk dance bounce down memory lane, with his History of Bass mixtape delivering pure ear candy for hardened bass heads! Click here for the whole story.

Click here for free download.

The latest Funk and Filth Exlcusive Free Download has been unleashed, and this time it's the bassline craftwerk of Kwerk that has our eardrums trembling and backsides shaking!! Big stuff!

Click here for free download.

I don't think we've ever been as excited about a new collaboration project as we have about Wicked City! When we heard that Krafty Kuts and Erb N Dub were joining forces there were some seriously moist pants around Funk and Filth HQ, and the duo's first free download is precisely the sort of pukka stuff we were hoping for!

Click here for free download.

Here's a free one-track taster from what promises to be the coolest fucking album ever made! If you've never seen or heard Lazy Habits then you're missing out big time! Their bassy, jazzy musical mayhem has just got a makeover from some of the finest remixing talent available, and the whole album is available 10th Feb 2014. Want!!

Click here for free download.

Those Snatch The Wax boys have spanked out another monstrous party starter of a mixtape, and in their usual style it is of the finest calibre imaginable! Get some!

Click here for free download.

If you take a look at your watch you'll see it is right about filth o'clock! So here we are with an hour of Drum n Bass finery from the godfather himself DJ Hype. DnB the way it should be, dirty and all over your face!! :)

Click here for free download.

Time for some spaced-out funk from Mass Evil! Seriously sexy stuff for some late night sessions!!

Click here for free download.

DJ Chamber delighting us with his remixing skills yet again. This time he's taken JFB and cross-pollenated him with Public Enemy! The result is delicious, check it out for yourself . . .

Click here for free download.

Our bassy brethren over at Free Breaks Blog recently celebrated hitting their 5,000 Like milestone by dishing out a cacophony of mesmerising free downloads! Hat's off to the FBB gents, there are some beauties in this selection!
They've also just let rip with their first ever Sample Pack! DJs and producers, click here to get hold of it!

The Grand Slam Crew continue their epic form in the Monkey Tennis joint mixtape styleee! Some truly banging stuff in this free mix! Check out the Monkey Tennis phenomenon here.

Click here for free download.

The loonies at Funk and Filth Towers have become a little bit obsessed with DJ Dub:ra's reworking of Wiley's Wearing My Rolex! Something special about this!

Click here for free download.

Here's the latest funky hip hop vid from the Born Ina Barn wrong'uns! These boys were one of our festival highlights of last year!

If you want more free downloady goodness, then head over to the Funk and Filth Hall of Fame
for free music from the fifty funkiest and filthiest people in bass business!! Click the picture below!

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