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Friday, 28 March 2014

Funk, Filth and F-Words! - An Exclusive Free Mix from Retropolis

@#&%, £%$# and also @£&*£! This is something @*%#ing special!!

One of the best things about life at Funk and Filth HQ is that occasionally we stumble across DJs and Producers who are not global superstars, who do not have thousands of pounds of marketing spend behind them, but who ARE fucking brilliant at what they do! Retropolis is one of those, and we are stoked to have a brand new EXCLUSIVE FREE MIX from one of the hottest breaks talents in the UK at the moment!

Not only has Retropolis been responsible for producing one of our favourite breaks tracks in recent memory [Hold Me Now, check it out further down the post!], but he has been pretty much ever-present in the Beatport charts with a consistent string of badass releases! Check them all out here.

Like an outburst of beautiful musical tourettes thumping into your ears and through your ribcage, his x-rated Funk, Filth and F-Words mixtape below is rammed full of breaks, electro and other bassline bangers (even including Kwerk's recent Funk and Filth Re-Werk!) . . . this will definitely get the blood pumping!

Check it out and let us know what you think! The tracklist is at the bottom of this post!

Have you got your tickets to our massive London party at Brixton Jamm, featuring Deekline, Freestylers, Kwerk, Danny Byrd, Doctor Hooka, Jurassik and loaaaads more??

Tracklist for Funk, Filth & F-Words mixed by Retropolis
01 - Sparky - Anode 2
02 - Bizarre Inc - Playing with Knives - (KWerK's Funk and Filth ReWERK)[Click for FREE DOWNLOAD]
03 - Brandon Cook Ft. Roxanne Shante - Sharp as a Knife - (Anthony Atcherley Remix)
04 - Utku S - Big Fat Bass - (Fractal System Remix)
05 - Electrophile - C'est La Vie - (Sketi Remix)
06 - Mr Oizo & Gaspard Auge - Rubber - (Anthony Atcherley Remix)
07 - Far Too Loud - All is Machine - (Specimen A Remix)
08 - Modulizer - Fucking Shit!
09 - Retropolis & Fitch:Bass - Don't Believe the Lies
10 - Sketi - The Mad Scientist
11 - Pyramid Ft. Jak Berry - Leads to Nothing
12 - Cyberpunkers - Shock!
13 - Sketi - Come On (Are You Ready for This?)
14 - Retropolis - Fuck You and Your Bassline
15 - Retropolis - I Said No
16 - Far Too Loud Ft. Subsource - You Know the Sound
17 - Cyberpunkers - Blow

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Funk and Filth File 'o Facts : Eli Crust [Exclusive Free Mix]

Beautiful bassline music is a global phenomenon, rupturing from speakers in all corners of the globe, including Belarus! And this exactly where our latest surprise package has been unearthed!

Coming from Belarus has been a massive bonus for Eli Crust, as he's been able to soak up music and vibes from touring DJ's who visit his little oasis (or should we say o-bass-is!? Sorry, really got to stop doing that!) in Western Europe. It's also afforded him the opportunity to tour around and take his sound from Poland to Romania, spreading beautiful beats across Eastern Europe like Nutella across warm toast! Mmmmmm, Nutella!

Eli has flirted with all sorts of styles of electronic music, but Breakbeat is at the core of his sound and his true love.
His latest release is a double header with some of the UK's finest vocalist. 'Machine Gun' features Sirreal (Freestylers & Dub Pistols) and Manners, While 'Ride Wit Me' has vocals from Jay Tuns & Kwame Atteen.

Remixes for this release come from Dr. Verbel (Belarus) & Burnt B (Germany) and you can bet they're just as special! The package of originals and remixes spans the wide spectrum of breaks from 'Booty' to 'Electro'... There is something here for everyone, have a butchers and see what you think, we bloody love it!

In fact we loved it so much that we asked Eli for an Exclusive Free Funk and Filth Mix, to see what else has been tickling his musical fancy! And here it is, an absolute stonker of a mix, including nuggets from the likes of Meat Katie, Plaza De Funk, Tim Healey and Deekline and loooaads more! Grab it for FREE now! [Tracklist at the bottom of this page]


We also had some questions to ask of the hottest thing to come out of Belarus! Find out how he ended up hooking up with SirReal and why he loves the fact that he only plays vinyl in his sets!

You are from Belarus, how is the breakbeat scene there?

Unfortunately, breakbeat is not so popular in our country nowadays. There are a couple of DJ's supporting this style. Less parties are held here now. But I am hoping to bring the sound back to my home by making some great breaks!

You've just returned home from a tour around Europe, tell us your favourite country you played on tour?

Of course I love to perform in Germany, but breakbeat lost its popularity. Poland is more prostrated to this sound, for example with the annual festival Bass Planet hosted by Westbam.

You only play vinyl right? Tell us why?

I'm still one of those old analog audio lovers, conservative DJ that still plays fundamentally only vinyl mainly due to the sound as a whole as well as like to say "direct contact with the music", today's it's become a unique part of my DJ show!

Your new single RIDE WID my MACHINE GUN is out next week. Tell us the vocalists who are featured on your latest release and how you started to work with them?

I prepared this release almost a year and a half ago, the release has changed a few times in that period, but the MC's are still the same: Sirrial (Freestylers, Dub Pistols) and Jay Tuns (Ten Ton Beats, Ben & Lex), on back vocals also with great guys Manners and Kwame Atteen. Admire their voice and way of lyrics: hard and groovy!

So what are your plans for the future?

Still wish breaks music was like it was 10 years ago! I prefer to be more underground, playing little clubs, meeting breakbeat supporters, producing quality stuff! Will continue my climbing top charts to show my skills!

Tracklist for Eli Crust's Funk and Filth Exclusive Mix:
01 The Autobots and Screwface feat MC Navigator - Burn (original mix) [Broke]
02 Control Z Vs Screwface - Stereo Typical [Hardcore Beats]
03 Dada life - Lets Get Bleeped Tonight (Hot Noizes Remixes)
04 4kuba - Dildoes (original mix) [iBreaks Bass]
05 Freeflow 45 - Fellowship Of The Bass (Original Mix) [Bombtraxx Records]
06 Meat Katie and Dylan Rhymes - Roll Player (Specimen A Remix) [Lot49]
07 Cut & Run - Confrontation [Cut & Run]
08 Sporty-O - Ill Off 808 (Ill DJ Chris B Original mix) [Illeven Eleven]
09 Plaza De Funk Feat Miss Trouble - Push n Pull [Mofo Recordings]
10 Audiohazard - First Contact (Karton Remix) [Bombtraxx Records]
11 Time Healey and Deekline - Take it Ezy Feat. Bad Lay Dee (Breaks Mix) [Giant Pussy Records]
12 Defkline and Red Polo - Felix Hustle (Breaks Mix) [Hot Cakes]

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Breakspoll 2014 Line-Up Announced - Free Downloads From The DJs Playing On The Night

Breakspoll - The International Breakbeat Awards - has been announced for 2nd May 2014 (slightly later than usual this year) and will again be decimating the eardrums of the fine people of London (taking place at Fire, in Vauxhall).

Whether you're interested in the actual awards or not, there is one thing that everyone agrees on . . . . Breakspoll is one of the biggest, baddest, bassiest parties of the year!

They've just announced another monstrous line-up which has got bass heads salivating all over the world! So what we've done at Funk and Filth is compile a list of mixtapes, tracks and remixes from the people playing on the night (the likes of A.Skillz, Lady Waks, Deekline, Freestylers, Colombo, Marten Horger and loads more!) and made sure you've got access to all these FREE DOWNLOADS right here! Get stuck in, perfect warm-up material for the big night!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Exclusive Free Download from D-Funk and Datadex

The awesome D-Funk and Datadex have dished-up a naughty but nice re-edit of Freak and, guess what . . . we're serving it up as an exclusive Funk and Filth download, just for you lot!

This is some dastardly dancefloor ammunition that you need to wrap your ears around asap!! Grab the free download now!!


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Best of the Best : March 2014

Breaks, Drum n Bass, Glitch hop, House, Electro, Dubstep . . . there's so much free music out there that most people don't know what to do with it all!! Well Funk and Filth do! :) We are constantly trawling the internet and picking out the best free music, filtering out all the crap! So here is the run-down of the best free stuff we're going to be listening to in March 2014!

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This month we've got free music from Bombstrikes Records, A.Skillz, Rebel Sketchy, Dirtyphonics, Sychosis, Freestylers, Hotline Zero and loads more . . . !

Leave a comment to let us know what you think of this month's selection . . .

Have there really been 10 years of Bombstrikes Records already??? The bassline powerhouse celebrate this month with a 10 years in 10 minutes mini mix of funktacular proportions!

Click here for free download.

We’re absolutely loving the unique brand of chilled filth that Dimond Saints are chucking our way! Big basslines to rattle your ribcage with some treacle-sweet production layered over the top, inspired stuff! And here’s a FREE 6 track EP of their work for you!

Click here for free download.

A brand new Funk and Filth Exclusive Free Download has landed, in the shape of this fine-ass nugget from Datadex and D-Funk! Grab it now!

Click here to download for free.

Sumptuous breaks mix from Rebel Sketchy featuring what can only be described as “some absolute bangers”, especially Kwerk’s remix of So It Goes [3.29]!

Click here for free download.

Exciting new Hot Cakes project Hotline Zero deliver a funky bassline mutant of a song to lubricate your ear canals. Help yourself, it’s a freebie!

Click here for free download.

A.Skillz and Beatvandals on top form as we edge towards springtime in the UK! This will sound so damn good in the sunshine!

Click here for free download.

DJ Syko has been teaming up with international Breaks entrepreneur DJ Chamber on a collection of tasty remixes and mixtapes! Smash your way through some admirable beatwork over at his Soundcloud page, or help yourself to this free download right here!

Click here for free download.

Dirtyphonics, Modestep and Protohype all involved on one tune!! You know it’s going to be sick!

Click here for free download.

Refixes don't come much tidier than this beauty from the Freestylers! 10 out of 10 on the bang tidy scale!!

Click her for free download.

It’s a bassline onslaught in this glitch thumper from Spanish production duo Royal Blood! A free download courtesy of Elektroshok Records.

Click here for free download.

Mash-up magic from the tantalising talents of that rascal Sychosis!

Click here for free download.

While we’re on the subject of mashups, that unstoppable fella Jem Stone has also switched on the free download for this little slice of epicness! Read our interview with the funky chap and grab more of his free music here.

Click here for free download.

A touch of genre-smashing bassline mayhem from the man who can (and does!) Terry Hooligan!

Click here for free download.

Doctor Hooka doing what he does best! Delivering a funky-as-hell mixtape to smash you through your weekend! Hats of to the doctor!

Click here for free download.

Something a lickle bit different in the shape of this funky, bassy, swingy mash-up mix from Philosipha & Mayhem! It’s a preview of a bigger project that the British duo have been working on, so keep your eyes peeled for the full fat version!

Click here for free download.

A naughty little booty bass rework of Overnight Celebrity?? Oh, why the hell not! Cheers B-Law!

Click here for free download.

Potentially the best track we’ve heard so far in 2014!! This is pure Brockie & Ed Solo dirt!! Love it.

Bringing you back down to earth with a chilled breaks remix of an absolute anthem! Nicely done Jason Laidback, nicely done sir.

Click here for free download.