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Sunday, 20 April 2014

REMIX COMPETITION VOTING CLOSED - Remix 'Grinding Dust' to Win a Release on Radical Mixtape Recordings!

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who voted!

POW! Some seriously sexual remixes have been submitted and we'd like you guys to help us pick a final shortlist! Please use the buttons in the top right of your screen to VOTE NOW for your favourite Grinding Dust remix! Voting closes Sun 20th April!

(Voting buttons may not be visible if you're viewing this site on a mobile phone or tablet, so use your computer browser to vote please!)

Here are the awesome entries that you need to choose from . . .

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Funk and Filth have teamed up with Crashgroove and Doctor Hooka to bring you an exclusive remix competition with a chance to win a release on the awesome Radical Mixtape Recordings! BOOM!!

It's easy-peasy to enter, here's what to do:

1. CLICK HERE to download the stems
2. Smash together your best remix and upload to Soundcloud
3. Post the Soundcloud link to your remix on the Funk and Filth Facebook page

Upload your remix by Sat 12th April 2014, we will then open a public vote to help us compile a shortlist of the best 5 remixes, and then Funk and Filth and Radical Mixtape will pick a winner!

The Prize:
> The winner will have their remix released on Radical Mixtape plus an E.P. deal, promo list, back catalogue and Radical Mixtape stickers!!!
> The runner-up will have their remix released on Radical Mixtape, plus 12-months promo list and stickers too!!

The Rules:
> Get as creative as possible! Feel free to include other samples along with the stems and we're open to pretty much any funky, filthy genre (just please, pretty please, no happy hardcore! ;) )
> All remixes must be uploaded to Soundcloud (feel free to use the artwork image from the top of this page for your Soundcloud artwork) and must be posted on the Funk and Filth Facebook timeline by 23:59 (UK time) on Saturday 12th April 2014.
> We will then open the public vote on Monday 14th April and close at 23:59 on Sunday 20th April. Check back here between these dates to cast your vote! Make sure downloads are SWITCHED OFF (as your remix may end up being released!) and your Soundcloud description text should include a link to so people can get here easily to vote for you!
After the public vote has picked the shortlist, Radical Mixtape and Funk and Filth will choose a winner and runner-up.
> In the event of any voting anomalies or suspected foul-play, the final decision will be made by judges at Funk and Filth and Radical Mixtape Recordings.
> The decision of the judges will be final.
> Full details of the release schedule and terms will be determined by Radical Mixtape Recordings.

Here's the track you'll be remixing:

Click here to check out a load more Radical Mixtape Recordings releases!

Some of the entries so far . . .

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