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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Exclusive Freestylers Interview - Serious Bass Business!

We get to catch up with all sorts of musical talent and sometimes (just sometimes!!) everyone is sober enough to have a proper conversation! That's kinda what happened when we bumped into Aston Harvey from the legendary Freestylers, and we ended up quizing him on the death of dubstep, forming the musical Avengers dream team and their live performance this May that has been 12 years in the making!

We're joining Aston and the rest of the Freestylers, along with Deekline, Danny Byrd and a whole host of funky, filthy talent for a night of epic live music, naughty DJ tricks and other bass-enduced tomfoolery! Come join us at Brixton Jamm on Sat 10th May 2014, it's going to be mayhem!

But in the meantime, this is what the funky fella had to say when we caught up . . .

You’ve got a packed schedule this spring! We’re hyped to be joining you at Brixton Jamm on 10th May, any chance of a sneak peak at what you guys have got for us on the big night??

Well we’ve got Tenor Fly and Navigator performing their classic tunes we made with them which is going to be amazing. I think the last time we had them both on stage together was about 2002 so it’s been 12 years in the making. It’s scary how quick time has flown by. We’ve beefed up the tunes slightly without taking away any of the original feel, so we’re looking forward to what the reactions are going to be. SirReal and Valerie M will also be performing on the nite so it looks like it’s gonna be one big party on stage. We’re gonna bring the rawkus!!

This will be happening on the night!!! Click here to get tickets!

Festival season is also on the horizon! We bloody love a good festival, all that messing about in fields, getting out of your tree with new best friends and tearing out to the best music. What is your favourite festival (or other big event) on the musical calendar?

We’ve been very fortunate over the years to play at some of the worlds best festivals either Djing or as Freestylers Live so it’s hard to pick one. Glastonbury, Big Day Out, Sziget, V, Leeds/Reading, EDC have definitely got to be up there with our favourites though.

Is there a particular country where you think they are particularly “having it!” at the moment? Which nation knows how to party the best?

I would say Russia, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Australia and Canada are pretty much having it right now.USA has it’s moments but it depends where and and what you’re playing but they certainly know how to party

If you could form an ensemble, go back-to-back with any DJ or collaborate with any artist in history, who would it be with? And what sort of stuff do you think you’d make?

Is this like the Avengers of music? Haha… Mozart would be interesting. We could create some Urban Funk Classical fusion. Maybe throw in some Scientist for some Dub and Rock Steady Crew to give it a BBoy feel!

We like to think we’re pretty sharp at recognizing upcoming talent in the bass music industry, and you must have recognized a few too. Is there anyone (DJ, musician, vocalist, producer . . . ) who you think we should keep our eyes on? Who is going to be big in the second half of 2014?

You need to keep a look out for all these guys. Special Request, Pirate Jams, Dusky, Tantrum Desire, Mafia Kiss, Congo Natty, Chords, Memtrix, Petey Clicks. All of them are making big noise in Bass, either Bassline House, Breaks or Drum & Bass

Any general musical predictions for the rest of the year?

Think Dubstep is slowly falling away but I think it will come back in another guise of the evil son of Satan.Trap looks like it’s getting bigger and I think the Bass/Breaks thing is going to have a revival.

What is your favourite bit of DJ/live music kit at the moment? Got any new gadgets to add even more punch to your performances this year?

My USB is my favourite piece of kit right now. Hours of music compressed into a tiny stick that you can take around the world with you and plug into a CDJ2000 is beyond genius.

We definitely suffer from a footwear fetish at Funk and Filth, so we’ve got to ask (we ask everyone!). What’s your favourite pair at the moment, what’s the coolest thing in your footlocker?

When I was in LA recently I went to this Converse store that had all these brand new designs that aren’t out over here yet so I grabbed a couple of pairs.

And what else can we expect from you guys this year?

Lots of DJ and Freestylers live shows. We’re working on loads of new Freestylers tunes and generally all things music. You can keep up to date with everything we’re doing with the website, Facebook, Soundcloud or Twitter!

Catch the Freestylers LIVE, with room 2 hosted by Funk and Filth! Brixton Jamm, Sat 10th May 2014.
Click here or click the flyer for full details and tickets!

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