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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Smash HiFi Exclusive Interview

50% Prodigy badman and 50% Breakspoll-destroyer, Smash HiFi are flying at the moment! Leeroy Thornhill and Marten Horger are the smiliest men in bass music business and they have good reason to be, here's what they had to say to us when we caught up . . .

1. You guys are like the bass music version of the Avengers. You are a music super hero team. If you were actually proper super heroes. Which one would you be?

Marten: Captain Bacon, for obvious reasons.

Leeroy: Sir Grinalot, For obvious reasons.

2. You are both based in Germany. Marten, guten tag, you are German obviously, and we know you love your Canadian bacon. How is the German food? Leeroy, now you live there, do you miss the traditional English Breakfast?

M: I grew up in a Restaurant, my mom is a proper Chef. I looooooove german food. It has to be done well though.

L: I have found an English shop that has real bacon and not 'fakeon" like the American stuff. The bread here is awesome, so I get by on brekkie, but I must admit German food is even blander than English.

3. While you were over in London recently Marten, a little birdie told me you were looking for shoes. Leeroy, we know you love a nice pair of kicks. Can you both tell us what you coolest pair are and why?

L: Marten was after some Jimmy Choos i think. Me? I still roll in my Nike Air Max. Always on point.

M: I’m not really a big sneaker collector tbh. For me it’s more like finding a pair that i really like and then buying like, 5 of them. You should see my collection of identical black t-shirts.

L: His wardrobe is like Homer Simpsons’. It all looks exactly the same.

4. The reason for your recent trip to London, was of course for the infamous Breakspoll awards. Marten, you cleaned up across the board. Can you tell us exactly what you won and how you felt about it on the night.

L. I just wanna say im buzzing for Marten picking up both awards. He deserves them.

M: I won 'Best Track“ & 'Best Producer'. It feels awesome, even though i don’t see myself as someone who stands for "that traditional breakbeat sound“. Also LGFU (the track that won) was my first ever solo single. So it’s even more special for me.

5. We love the latest release on Instant Vibes. Can you tell us how you linked up with Mr Krafty Kuts.

M: Thanks man! Krafty has been a friend of ours for a veeeeeery long time now. He has helped me a lot.

L: I remember getting asked to go to a club and meet him. I was all excited about meeting the LEGEND for the first time. I was really trying to think of something funny to say to break the ice. I was also gonna try and blag a few of his famous burgers and maybe some toys. Then i get to the club, and... was it Krusty? LIKE F&CK WAS IT. It was some dude called Krafty... But then i realised i quite liked his music, so we got on after all.

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6. Whats next for Smash HIFI after this single?

L: We have an album 80% finished so will be getting back to that and working on a new single.

M: Yes, and we are also giving away some free music in the next few weeks.

7. Leeroy, any solo stuff are you working on at the moment? I have seen a few pictures of you in the studio with a guitar recently. Are you thinking of working on an acoustic 'unplugged' album?

No, my singing and dancing days are over. I still like to destroy a few good songs with my bad guitar playing every now and then. Right now, I am toying around with a few tunes but i need to be really happy with them so they are taking time.

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8. You guys DJ all over the world. What has been your favourite place to play so far?

M: For me it is defiantly Kazantip. Followed closely by North America and Australia. There will also, always be a special place in my heart for my hometown.

L. Just to many to name. Kazantip is an amazing experience. Asia & Italy also always deliver.

9. Any crazy tour stories?

L. Pole dancing on the bar at Kazantip and not even remembering doing.

m: I think that youtube video has like 30k hits now.

10. What are your plans for the summer?

L: We are looking to get some more music out there, finish the album and push the gigs. and party, party.

M: Yeah, I have a full summer touring Europe and North America. But before that i’m taking 4 weeks off to concentrate on making music.

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