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Monday, 28 July 2014

Funk and Filth File o' Facts : Specimen A

They are bass hounds of the highest order, and they're firing on all cylinders this year! So when we got a chance for a quickfire session with the Specimen A boys we jumped at the chance to get their view on the important shizzle of the moment! They also gave the Funk and Filth family an exclusive look at their new release which, as you'd expect, is an unstoppable monster! Check out Round and Round featuring the unmistakeable sound of Sporty-O . . .

Click here to buy Round and Round by Specimen A & Sporty-O

And here's what the boys had to say for themselves . . .

What are you playing in your sets at the moment?

This is actually our first release of the year. We have been creating a lot of music with various artists, just the world hasn't heard any of it. In our live sets or dj shows, will have been the first time people would have heard it, even then though, its only a fraction of what we have made. Some tracks just have to wait for the right moment. Believe it or not, me and Dj Phatt first started the beat for 'Hi Speed' five years ago! That's a personal best for me.

Any events/festivals planned for this year?

We are planning an 'Across the Pond' tour with Sporty-O for US and Europe, other than that i'm looking forward to returning to Dubai and Australia later in the year.

What's your one piece of must-have technology?

If you are gonna have one thing in your studio make it a room that is worth mixing in and the best pair of speakers you can buy. That is the most important thing to focus on when it comes to getting a good mix. The sooner you do that, the closer you will be to a great sounding mix. Not exactly cutting edge technology but is a must have and the most valuable lesson I ever learned in music production.

Your Top 5 tracks right now . . . ?

Sporty-O & Specimen A - Hi Speed ft Dj Phatt
Inside Info - Metamorphosis ft Miss Trouble
Far Too Loud - Boom
Zomboy - Outbreak ft Armanni Reign
Deekline and Specimen A vs Majestic - Don't Smoke 2014

Click here to download the instrumental mix for free

It's not often you get a line-up THIS good!
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