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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Funk and Filth Takeover: Hot Cakes vs Instant Vibes boat party and afterparty feat. Krafty Kuts & Deekline

Join us on the boat, at the afterparty, or both! Use the buttons below to choose your tickets . . .

After the success of our last collaboration with the Hot Cakes guys we thought "how can we make this even better next time??" Errrrr, how about get Krafty Kuts involved, DOUBLE the amount of Funk and Filth DJs and chuck that shizzle on a mother-funking BOAT, with a monster of an afterparty back at Jamm!!??? Yeah, that should do it!! So that's what's happening! :)


ROOM 2 - Funk and Filth

Billy Onions – Breakbeat’s Don of the airwaves, with shows on NSB Radio and Rough Tempo, now catch him flinging his beats directly at the dancefloor . . . this will be special.

Kwerk – Making HUGE noises on the breaks scene with some ridiculously stomping releases on Kick It Recordings, Expand Records, Sub Element, Breaks R Boss and many more, not to mention a thunderous Room 2 set when Funk and Filth brought him to London in May.

Toronto Is Broken – One of the hottest DnB talents on the planet! With a fresh new album on the way we simply had to bring him to London to throw his shit down!

Click Here to download the new Toronto Is Broken mix for FREE!

Doctor Hooka [Relative Dimensions] – Our very own Doctor-in-residence! He’s been mixing up funk potions in preparation for his third visit to the Funk and Filth dancefloor! Here's his thumping new mix!!

Leygo [Relative Dimensions] – Funkster Supreme at Relative Dimensions, and driving force behind some of Nottingham’s funkiest nights . . . we’re bringing him to London, chucking him on a boat, and waiting to see what funky mayhem unfolds!


Mr Tumnus – With record-breaking Funk and Filth appearances (this will be his 4th set for us, the last of which was a 2-hour monster that saw the sun rise over South London!) we know we can rely on Tumnus to deliver BIG beats and bass.

MassEvil [Radical Mixtape] – Hunky, spunky, funky little monkey, splashing beats and bass about like they were meant to be! Last time at Jamm he almost took the roof off, now we’ve got him back again to finish the job.

Click here to download this MassEvil mixtape for FREE

Nomis [Kane FM] – Founder of the mighty Kane FM we’re bringing surefire party-starter Nomis to thump out his own particular brand of beats and bass at Jamm!

Floored Capri & Robi Wan [Kane FM] – After a truly epic set at our last London night, we simply had to get the Floored Fillers tag-team combination behind the decks again to deliver the beats you love.

Dealo Brown – Fresh, funky DJ/Producer Dealo Brown has been spanking out bass-fuelled DJ sets around the UK, and now he’s hitting London! Do not miss this!

ROOM 1 - Hot Cakes vs Instant Vibes

Krafty Kuts – The man, the legend, Mr Krafty Kuts will be throwing down the biggest, baddest basslines known to man . . . exactly what you'd expect from the funky fella!

Marten Horger – Current holder of several gajillion Breakspoll awards and one of the finest breaks-heads on the planet. Frickin ecstatic that he's been added to the line-up!

Deekline – With I Don't Smoke 2014 doing some seriously good damage to eardrums around the country, Deekline will be in good spirits as he takes on Krafty in this battle of the badmen!

Martin Flex - When it comes to big, bouncy booty bass there aren't many as bang on it as Martin Flex / Pure SX! Every set we've ever heard has been a booty-beauty, so you can expect the boat to be rocking!

Jurassik – The go-to man for the best parties in London! Flying the flag for Hot Cakes and ready to get things shaking . . . . no, RUMBLING! ;)

Join us on the boat, at the afterparty, or both! Use the buttons below to choose your tickets . . .

This is what went down last time Funk and Filth & Hot Cakes teamed up!

And this time we're all aboard this badboy!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Beats to fuel your weekend - 15th Aug 2014 - Free Downloads

Another quick fix for all you bass heads out there! No messing, just the best free music about, enjoy!

Potentially the best Doctor Hooka mixtape ever?? We'll let you decide! He's all set to smash this awesome Boomtown set out the park with his upcoming set on the big London Boat Party, so make sure' you're there to see it happen later this month! TICKETS HERE!

Click here to download for free as WAV or MP3s

A whole FREE E.P. of dancefloor decimating ammunition for your funk cannon from the fine folk at Scour Records!

Click here to download for free

If Funk is your thing, then you've come to the right place! We've got it stacked to the ceiling (in the second aisle, just next to the Filth!) and this new mixtape from Phibes is a prime example of high grade funk!

Click here to download for free

How about some uplifting, uptempo action from Johnnypluse and the Storm Troopers of Love. Try not to smile as you listen to this one, like eating a donut without licking your lips, it's impossible!

Click here to download for free

Bournemouth-based DJ Roast Beatz is a truly proponent of the Funk and Filth sound, and his new mixtape shows him at his best! Get this in your ears now!

Click here to download for free

Some proper tidy breaks work from the Spanish beat-house of The Maker Breaks. Tasty free remix!

Click here to download for free

What follows is a selection of the finest funky, filthy events going on in the very near future . . .

The BIGGEST BOAT PARTY OF THE YEAR is on the horizon! Click here for tickets!

Hot Cakes are throwing a massive open-air event featuring some of the finest bass-flingers!
Get on this if you're in Spain this September!

Planning Halloween shenanigans yet?? Get on this, the New Bass Order guys know how to throw a hell of a party!! (Get it, Hell, Halloween!? No. OK then.)

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Interview: Krafty Kuts & Deekline Discuss Serious Bass Business

What's better than an interview with one DJing legend? How about an interview with two DJing legends! OK, so what's even better than an interview with two DJing legends? How about one where they interview each other, reminiscing about Bulgarian train station raves, musical inspirations and Russian police batons! That's our sort of interview!

Krafty Kuts and Deekline are headlining the massive upcoming London Boat Party and Afterparty, and Funk and Filth will be taking over Room 2 as well, so make sure you get your tickets before they go! Read on to see what the two funky fellas had to say to each other . . .

Join us on the boat, at the afterparty, or both! Use the buttons below to choose your tickets . . .
Click here for the Facebook event page

Deekline >>>> Krafty Kuts

Deekline: What would you say is unique about your DJ style?

Krafty Kuts: I am extremely busy behind the decks and there are not many other DJs who use four CDJs the way I do. I like to play many genres and styles but breaks is my main flavour. I always make sure I have some new treats to drop and keep my sets fresh and different every time I play. I use a lot of acapellas and incorporate some scratching into my sets to add a bit of a unique angle.

Deekline: What first inspired you to want to become a DJ?

Krafty Kuts: I watched a DMC world final one year and I thought: “You what, that is what I wanna do one day". I was never quite as good as DJs such as Mixmaster Mike, Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, Q Bert etc – but they definitely helped me add a certain edge to my DJ style. I love watching DJs cutting up two records, creating new rhythms and styles and being so creative. It is simply amazing when I watch Jazzy Jeff do this … he still blows me away every time.

Deekline: What five dance tunes changed your life?

Krafty Kuts: The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up, Fatboy Slim – Rockafella Skank, Pendulum – Masochist VIP / The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix), Leftfield – Phat Planet, Azzido Da Bass – Doom’s Night.

Deekline: Who are your favourite five DJs?

Krafty Kuts: In no particular order, ASkillz, Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, Q Bert, Fatboy Slim.

Krafty Kuts >>>> Deekline

Krafty Kuts: What advice would you give to up and coming DJs to give their sets more impact and originality?

Deekline: Learn more about the music you are playing. Look for some clever intros to start your set. Make some jingles to drop when you are at a special event. Always look for new tunes so you switch it up at any given time. Learn how to scratch and do clever stuff with your music rather than just mix tunes. And first and foremost don’t be afraid to interact with the crowd and show your enthusiasm. It will enhance your set for sure.

Krafty Kuts: So where did you get the name Deekline and how long have you been DJing and producing under that name?

Deekline: It was a suggestion from a friend, and it came from the fact that I used to play a lot of electro and miami bass, with a bit of southern hip hop. It meant girls got down low to the music, which is where the idea for “decline” or “Deekline” came from. I’ve had it since 1996, maybe even ’94 which is 20 years. I used to DJ at youth centres and on pirate radio stations as a teenager. I was the gawky white kid and it was quite a struggle to get validated by the other kids, but I think my passion for the music eventually came through …

Krafty Kuts: Where is your favourite place to play and where is your favourite place to go?

Deekline: My favourite places are Bulgaria and Hungary, especially Budapest, because I love the spas and the architecture there. In Bulgaria I get looked after very well. I love the coast and the fact that everything is so cheap there. The people are beautiful, and back in my single days I have to admit I had a bit of a thing for Bulgarian girls. I’ve been going there since about 1998 or 1999 and I have some great friends there.

Krafty Kuts: Where does your fascination with and passion for all things booty come from?

Deekline: It comes from Miami Bass. I love 808s, scratching, hydraulics and rap: all those things come together in Miami Bass. I have been into it since the ’90s going as far back as Tag Team’s There It Is. It was a very commercial sound in the early days, but I’ve always gravitated towards the underground side of it which mixed with electro.

Krafty Kuts: What has been the worst experience and best experience of your career so far?

Deekline: The worst experience: I haven’t had many really bad ones, but because I make many different genres of music I’ve turned up to gigs and been heckled by the odd hardcore fan who just wants to hear jungle, when I’ve got tunes to play that runs the whole gamut from jungle to garage and breakbeat. They don’t care about the rest of the crowd; they just want to hear what they want to hear. They will stand in front of you and ask the same question 10 times, which gets pretty irritating after a while.

There was also one time in Norway at a snowboarding festival when the power cut out, and I was left there just having started my set with no sound. The crowd took it upon themselves to start throwing throwing beer at me. Fortunately, just as it started to look like things were going to get pretty hairy (not to mention wet), the sound came back on and they realised I was a pretty decent DJ! I have also seen the Russian police get out their batons out at a club in St Petersburg called The Tunnel. It’s inevitable I guess, that if you travel the world enough and visit so many countries these things will eventually happen.

Generally, though, I’ve been pretty lucky with most of my gigs. I think the best one was in Bulgaria with Ed Solo and the Ragga Twins in about 2006. The promoter had somehow managed to hire a train station the size of victoria and put on a rave there. There must have been about 5,000 people on site and they were going nuts. It was a bit over-full and I’m sure a lot of regulations were broken that night.

Krafty Kuts: What is next for Deekline and what are you looking forward to?

Deekline: At the moment I’m doing a lot of different varieties of music. I’m, working with some new vocalists I’m very excited about. I caught up with a friend whose managing some fantastic artists and we have spent some time in the studio.

I’m taking a lead in the studio far more these days, whereas in the past I have worked with engineers. I’m feeling the call to move back to my bass and garage roots, though you’ll still hear me putting out plenty of breakbeat records. I’m just having a lot of fun and I feel like I’m able to express myself a lot more now.

As far as upcoming gigs go, I’m really excited about our summer boat party, and the chance to work with you on an event. Our Hot Cakes boat parties have always done really well, been packed and had a great atmosphere.

It’s a great opportunity to meet all the fans and everyone who has supported us for time. The summer party is always a guaranteed roadblock, and one of my favourite gigs of the year.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Beats to fuel your weekend - 8th Aug 2014 - Free Downloads

A bite-size selection of the best bass business out there right now! Just what you need to smash through another weekend! Have fun!!

We've had this one on rotation at Funk and Filth HQ for a while now! Diamond-encrusted funky stuff from Jimi Needles!

Click here to download for free

Bass. Beautiful beautiful bass rolling all over the place! Evil 9 meet Dylan Rhymes and the outcomes is epic!

Click here to download for free

If it's filth you're after, then you've come to the right place! Knee pads and welding masks ON!!

Click here to download for free

Those Stanton boys have been dishing out the free goodies again. More strong work from the legendary duo.

Click here to download for free

The Armory podcast never disappoints! Another delicious breaks mixtape to test the subs over the weekend! :D

Click here to download for free

Planning Halloween shenanigans yet?? Get on this, the New Bass Order guys know how to throw a hell of a party!! (Get it, Hell, Halloween!? No. OK then.)

Friday, 1 August 2014

Best of the Best : August 2014

It's summertime in London and we are feeling funkaaaaay!! This time of year seems to tweak everyone's creative nipples and get the best beats really flowing, so we've had an extra-tasty time listening to all the tracks and mixes that have been flung our way for this month!

This is our BIGGEST EVER Best Of The Best post, containing the best stuff that we're going to continue to smash out through the big bass bins at Funk and Filth HQ throughout August! Help yourself, most of it is FREE to download!

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This month's Best of the Best selection includes bass-infused treats from Sanxion, Sketi, Feear, Alt-A, D-Funk, Freestylers, Krafty Kuts, Lady Waks, Okuli and loads more! Get stuck in . . .

But first things first! Last chance to get hold of your tickets to the funkiest, filthiest boat party of the summer!
CLICK HERE to get your tickets now!

We kick-off this month's compilation of the best free beats with a textbook breaks mix from one of the upcoming Boat Party's most highly anticipated DJs . . . Kwerk! It's breakbeat onslaught from start to finish, so we bloody love it!

Click here to download for free

One of our favourite tracks (California Soul), from one of our favourite DJ/producers (A.Skillz), remixed by one of our favourite remixers (Alt-A)!! This was always going to be special!

Click here to download for free.

We're not quite sure how she manages it, but each and every In Da Mix mixtape from Lady Waks is a pure fire banger!! This latest instalment is the leading lady at the top of her game . . .

Click here to download for free

If you're looking for an up-tempo bassline roller, then this is the shit for you! Okuli are two Aussie-based beatsmiths churning out some naughty stuff right now.

Click here to download for free

Long-standing Funk and Filth favourite James D'Ley has been a busy boy touring around, and he's just let loose a free download of one of his recent live sets! Brace yourselves, it's a bit of a face-melter!! :D

Click here to download for free

It's funky funky FUNKAAAYY time!! This new re-work from Dusty Tonez is making the world a very happy place right now. This is purest quality, high grade funk!

Click here to download for free

Specimen A have been hard at work in the laboratory, cooking up some borderline illegal bass infusions! Round And Round is one of their best to date!

For free downloads and an exclusive Specimen A interview CLICK HERE

Feeling a bit more of a chilled hip-hop vibe? The DJ Syko has just the thing for you, with his latest mashup . . .

Click here to download for free

When it comes to Drum n Bass tear-outs, there are none hotter than Toronto Is Broken at the moment! His latest release is DnB dancefloor dynamite, and proves exactly why we're bringing him to London at the end of the month to represent Funk and Filth in Brixton! TICKETS HERE.

Click here to pre-order

There's something magic about this latest re-rub from the Freestylers. From the very first opening bars to the old school breakdown this is pure class. It's a free download too ;)

Click here to download for free

You guys asked for hats, so we got you hats! Check them out here!

Looking for that ideal bassline to get your weekend kickstarted?? This is the one, trust us! Damn fine work from Spark Arrester.

Click here to download for free

Those cheeky chaps over at Relative Dimensions have taken one of Chamber's finest and had it re-calibrated for maximum aural pleasure by some of the finest beatsmiths on the scene! The El Bomba and Leygo remixes are our personal favourites, but there's something for every bass head here! And if you're feeling a bit of DJ Chamber, he's just let loose a beautifully chilled remix of So Good To Me as a free download, grab it below.

Click here to download the Sammy Senior remix for free

Click here to download for free

This month sees Mr Kuts leap aboard the funkiest boat in the world to smash out his Instant Vibes sound up and down the Thames, and we're ridiculously excited to be taking vover Room 2 for the whole day and night (boat party and afterparty!). Here's his latest mix!

Krafty Kuts - Krafty Thre3style Mix 2014 by Red Bull Thre3style on Mixcloud

Click here for tickets to see Krafty Kuts and the Funk and Filth crew in London this month!

Fast emerging as one of our favourite remixers is the Brizzle-based fella known as Box Rocket! Check out a few of his genius re-works here! Body Rock is a thumper (a brave man taking on the Andy C and Shimon anthem!) and he's turned Garrix's Animals from a dreary yawn-fest into a credible bassline roller. Props.

Click here to download for free

Sometimes a mix comes along that is so good that it's almost impossible to describe it with our meagre words; you have to hear it for yourself. This one from Slamboree's DJ Freear is just one of those mixes. Pure sex for your ears!

Click here to download for free

A genuine contender for the title of 'The Funkiest Hour of Your Life' this Glastonbury set from B-Side and Sammy Senior is an uplifting bassline potion for those moments in life when only funk has the answer! ;)

Click here to download for free

B-Side and Sammy provided the Funk, now on the other side of the spectrum we have Sanxion flinging the filth around like some sort of barely-controllable bassline maniac . . . in a good way! Rave breaks in it finest form!

Click here to download for free

More bassline baddassery coming your way right now from Sketi, with his latest freebie. It's everything you'd expect from the breaks stalwart, with a tricksy breakdown and one of those beats that it's impossible to not bob your head to. Nice work Sketster!

Click here to download for free

Now who wants some electro swing funk madness from one of bass business's true legends?? Well here it is, the latest free downlaod from Jem Stone!

Click here to download for free

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a serious contender for the highly coveted title of 'Funk and Filth Mix Of The Year 2014'!! This is the absolute shit!

Hot Cakes' newest signings Dance-Off Soundsystem have come out all guns blazing with their first official HC mixtape!! This is a great indication of more big things to come from the Bristolian boys. Love this mix.

Click here to download for free

We're on a bit of a mixtape flex here, with some strong stuff coming from all corners of the globe! This instalment headed our way from Code-A of Denver US and has been thundering around on our playlist for some time already! It's definitely staying on there for the foreseeable future!

Click here to download for free

It seems like Leygo has officially declared it summertime here in Britain!! Quite possibly the most summery bassline bouncer you could ask for in this latest free edit! Catch Leygo doing his thing on the big boat party later this month!!

Click here to download for free

Those Freerange boys have added their own layer of excellence to Slamboree's recent festival anthem and created a work of true brilliance! (as you'd expect!!)

Click here to download for free

Want something that will pick you up and get the blood pumping?? Well then be careful with this one from Busta, which might make you leap out of your pants and smash your way naked through the wall - BIG STUFF!!

Click here to download for free

One of our favourite remixers remixing another of our favourite producer/remixers . . this can only go well!! :) Deenk taking Alt-A's Hold On You and dialling up the Funk and Filth factor to dangerous levels. Special.

Click here to download for free

And a little something to bring you back down to earth after the mayhem which the rest of our beat selection may have caused! We don't want to be held responsible for sending you back out into the world too dangerously pumped full of high octane beat fuel, so have sit down for a minute, crank up the sub and chill to this little beauty from Jason Laidback. Have an awesome August everyone, hopefully see as many of you as possible at the Boat Party on the 23rd!