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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Funk #1 - Krafty Kuts

It's a record-breaking year for Krafty Kuts as he picks up a record 3rd top spot in the #FandFHOF AND becomes the first person to hold the number 1 position for 2 years in a row!

It's been another cracking year for the don of the funky bassline, not only in his solo pursuits, but with his Wicked City colab project also flying high!

The official funkiest man on the planet has featured high on the Funk and Filth agenda in 2014, as we joined him for the Instant Vibes vs Hot Cakes vs Funk and Filth summer boat party, and his gust mix for Lady Waks also thundered in at 3rd place in our mix of the year poll!

He's spent a lot of the year travelling about, spreading the good word of funk to the eager masses, and he plans to do more of the same in 2015. Consistent UK appearances are added to with dates in Australia (January), USA (February) and Europe (March/April) - so wherever you are, you have no excuse not to catch him!

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Filth #1 - Stanton Warriors

Last year's #FandFHOF winners retain their crown, as Stanton Warriors remain atop the throne on the Filthy side of things!

Fast becoming living legends, breakbeat's leading duo have had a monster of a year! With their Punks imprint flying high and splashing out some of the best breaks from some of the finest talent, the head honchos have kept busy playing gigs all over the world this year: from the UK, to Hungary, Russia, Croatia and loads more, the Stantons are in high demand!

They've also let rip with some cracking releases this year, most recently Beat Goes On (which was accompanied by a beautifully brutal remix from the Freerange DJs) and Can't Hold Back have embodied the classic Stantons sound with their unmistakable touch of bassline class! Worthy winners on the Filth side of this year's Funk and Filth Hall of Fame!

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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Funk #2 - Lady Waks

Russia's Lady Waks is one of the mightiest forces in breaks, as her position at number 2 in this year's #FandFHOF reinforces! ;)

Her regular radio shows and In Da Mix mixtape series promote the finest basslines all over the world, and nowhere on the planet can a more consistently awesome stream of breaks madness be found!

Her live sets are just as banging as her radio show, and we've seen her totally own the dancefloor on numerous occasions! Production-wise, she teamed up with Marten Horger earlier this year to deliver one of the tunes of 2014 - Shock Out is available below for your listening pleasure.

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Filth #2 - Elite Force

Genre-spanning party-starter extraordinaire, Elite Force (and his many other guises) has been responsible for some of the finest remixes, sets and parties that the world of bass music has to offer!

Playing some of the best sets we've ever heard, including bassline marathons at his self-titled Elite Force Boat Parties (which have already become legendary!), as well as dishing out his giant, rumbling beats in the shape of originals and remixes, 2014 has seen another brilliant year for one of our favourite beatsmiths.

2015 will no doubt throw more boat parties and mind-bending festival sets our way, and we can't wait!

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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas from Sketi and Funk and Filth! Christmas Freebie!

Anyone who knows their breaks will know that Sketi is one of the finest beat-mongers around, and often treats us to freebies!!

Well this Christmas he's offering up one if his finest, funkiest, filthiest tracks as a Funk and Filth Exclusive Christmas Freebie!!

Blast Off is, as you'd expect, a proper bassline onslaught and definite dancefloor weaponry for those DJs among you lot. Grab the free download now, and keep em peeled for more from Sketi in 2015 (find his Soundcloud page here).

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Funk and Filth HQ and the beatmonger extraordinaire Sketi!

Funk #3 - A.Skillz

Here he is! You all knew he was going to feature high on this year's #FandFHOF countdown, and here he is in at number 3 on the funky side of life . . . Adam 'A.Skillz' Mills!

With the uncanny ability to remix absolutely anything and instantly increase its awesomeness by at least 500%, he's one of the finest funky producers on the planet. He's demonstrated this recently by following up his legendary California Soul, ABC and Cold As Ice remixes (to name but a few), with nuggets such as this year's Good Music, Drop The Funk and F.E.A.R.! All of which are available to download for free below!

His sets are just as naughty as his production skills and, having seen him play many many times, it is clear that he's getting better and better every time! Hats of to A.Skillz!

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Filth #3 - Retropolis

Time for a feast of the tastiest breaks around, courtesy of Retropolis!

It's been a hell of a year for this UK-based breaks badman! If there were an individual prize for consistency then this guy would be right up there. Every release is spot on, and his mixes are full throttle face-melters! Check out his exclusive Funk and Filth mixtape below, or his Bass, Breaks, Rave, Repeat mix that got into the final shortlist for this year's Mix Of The Year poll! Be warned, this is proper breaks, and the Funk and Filth management takes no responsibility to damage to your speakers or eardrums!

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Monday, 22 December 2014

Funk #4 - Marten Horger

A firm favourite here at Funk and Filth HQ, for his epic basslines, beautiful beeps and breaks, energy behind the decks and for just generally being a top bloke, it's Marten Horger in at number 4 on the funky side of this year's countdown.

The main man from Stuttgart has taken the bass and breaks world by storm over the last couple of years and has spent this year doing much the same! We caught up with him for a beer at Breakspoll, and got busy on the dancefloor to his set at the Hot Cakes vs Instant Vibes vs Funk and Filth Boat Party this summer! You can be sure that 2015 will be even bigger for his guy!

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Filth #4 - Pyramid

Lords of the tear-out breaks, Pyramid are an assault on all the senses at once . . . a very welcome assault!

The West London production duo and DJ/MC combo outfit Nicky D'Silva and Scott Maclean are one of the cornerstones of the award-winning Funkatech Records, and have been responsible for dispensing some of the finest, filthiest beats for a good few years now. Their re-fix of Heaven (free download below) is still as monstrous as it has ever been and has been joined this year by a load more bang tidy Pyramid releases - we've picked some of our favourites below . . .

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Funk #5 - Featurecast

It's certainly been a funktacular year for Featurecast.

A jam-packed DJing schedule (including an appearance alongside some of Funk and Filth's finest in North London) and a string of releases that have found their way into the crates of some of the best DJs on the planet - we're talking Krafty Kuts, Fatboy Slim, DJ Yoda, Z-Trip, A. Skillz and the like!

2014 also saw the Southampton man play Breaksfest, Glastonbury, Bestival, Beat Herder, Fusion festival and Shambhala, so we expect to catch him at some of the biggest festivals next year too!

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Filth #5 - Kwerk

Clearly one of our favourite breaks DJs and producers, Kwerk has been all over the Funk and Filth playlist all year!

His approach to bass speaks to us on another level, and if you buckle yourself in and take a trip through his stuff below you'll see exactly what we mean! Basslines to make you dance like you've never danced before, coupled with beats tighter than a hamsters butthole, equals one of the best breaks producers out there right now. So you can see why we harrassed him for an exclusive free track for Funk and Filth and got him behind the decks for 2 of our nights this year!

Expecting big things from Kwerk in 2015!

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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Funk #6 - Deekline

Now for a man who surely requires no introduction whatsover - DJ Deekline!

The undisputed king of the booty breaks has been experimenting a little this year with some trap, DnB and grime vibes . . . to awesome effect! (Check out some of the freebies he's spawned below.)

He has, of course, also been unstoppable behind the decks. We teamed up with the big man for not one, but two of our infamous nights at Brixton Jamm this year which, of course, he totally killed, along with every other set we've heard him play this year (or ever, for that matter).

What's to come in 2015?? Well it's Deekline, so who knows?? Could be absolutely fucking anything, but it will be good, you can be sure of that!!

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Filth #6 - Howla

"Oi Oi! The secret weapon is unleashed! Korea getting a bit frisky? Russia getting a bit heavy? Parachute Howla in. Job done. Before he even landed all the ladies would have knotted together a giant net made entirely from their own supply of undergarments, whilst their husbands would be leaping around at the edges with empty tubes of toilet roll in one hand, gerbils in the other, and pockets filled with weapons grade amyl nitrate. He swings so hard he has been forbidden by the government to ever stop at any motorway service station for fear of starting a dogging epidemic of such massive proportions that he may start a one man double dip recession. Now that's how swing he is!."

His words, not ours! But we couldn't have put it any better, the guy is sick! Ladies and gentlemen . . . Howla!!

He could easily have featured on the Funk side or the Filth side of this year's countdown, as he expertly spans the two. But as even his funkier creations induce that face-scrunchingly good feeling of utter disgust/admiration (otherwise known as the Filth Factor), we thought we'd slip him into this year's Filthy contingent! Enjoy his works below!

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Friday, 19 December 2014

Funk #7 - Neon Steve

From this year's Mix Of The Year winner, to the guy he took the crown from . . . the #FandFHOF now turns its attention towards Mr Neon Steve!

This guy must have funk literaly coursing through his veins, as listening to just a few minutes of one of his sets will prove! Guaranteed dancefloor destroyer, The Neon One also turns his mixing fingers to some equally awesome chilled out mixes. It was one of his Pleasensations mixes that won him the Mix Of The Year title, and the latest (Vol 3 below) is just as tasty - perfect for the morning after a funk-fuelled night of mayhem!

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Filth #7 - Wuki

2014 has been a MASSIVE year for Denver-based producer Kris Barman, otherwise known as Wuki.

With releases and remixes for the likes of OWSLA, Main Course, Fool’s Gold, and Ultra - not to mention support from the likes of Knife Party, Skrillex, and Rolling Stone Magazine - 2014 will no doubt mainly stick in his memory as the first year he made it into the Funk and Filth Mix Of The Year Poll and the Hall of Fame! ;)

Seriously one of the hottest properties in bass music at the moment, we are proud to include Wuki inside this year's #FandFHOF top 10! Check out his awesomeness below . . .

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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Funk #8 - Jimi Needles

We've already included a few of this year's Mix Of The Year finalists in the #FandFHOF countdown, but here he is, the man who took the gold medal with 42% of all the votes, the guy who is currently adorned by the Funk and Filth Mix Of The Year Crown . . . DJ Jimi Needles! Check out the winning NeedleWurk mix below, it's a masterclass!

Jimi can be found most nights playing some of the funkiest beats in some of the funkiest venues in some of the funkiest parts of London town and around the UK. So treat yourself and go check out one of the hardest working men in funk doing his thing behind the decks!

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Filth #8 - Mafia Kiss

No longer a newcomer (despite being nominated in the Best New DJ category at Breakspoll this year), in our opinion Mafia Kiss has well and truly established himself as one of the finest DJ/Producers in the UK at the moment.

His Night Selection mixtape was without doubt one of the best mixes this year, and made it into the final shortlist for our Mix Of The Year poll. Have a listen and grab the free download below.

Championed by the Stanton Warriors and signed to their Punks label, he has just released his new It Began In Detroit EP (listen below), packed full of his trademark beats and dark, delicious bass.

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Funk #9 - Nick Thayer

Another Aussie on the #FandFHOF line-up? What can we say, they are a funky bunch down there!!

Nick Thayer is the basically the Funkmaster General of the southern hemisphere, having been at the top of this particular game for as long as we can remember. Often found hanging out and making beats with the likes of A.Skillz, Dodge & Fuski and DJ Yoda, he's well and truly amongst the funkiest, filthiest men on the planet and we tip our hats to the man!

Needless to say, we're expecting similar quantities of both funk and filth from him in 2015!

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Filth #9 - Dub Pistols

A big, fat #FandFHOF welcome once again to the multi-award winning Dub Pistols!

DJ Mag Awards, Bass Music Awards, Breakspoll, the Dub Pistols really have cleared up at all the awards that matter in this game! Whether it's their downright mental live performances as a band, or the dirty DJ sets dished out by Mr Ashworth and friends, you can be sure if Dub Pistols are on the line-up it's gonna be one hell of a night/festival!

They should need little more in terms of introduction, so best you get stuck into the selection of beats below . . .

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Funk #10 - Busta!

Beats don't get much funkier than those that are put together by Busta!

Sydney's Andrew Stevens (a.k.a. Busta!) has had some tidy releases on Bombstrikes, Bombastic Jam, Fort Knox Recordings, Manmade, Breakbeat Paradise and Ghetto Funk, as well as a string of not-so-official remixes and some naughty mixtapes!

His promo mix [free download below] contains a compilation of some of his finest work,. and earns him his rightful spot inside this year's #FandFHOF top 10!

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Filth #10 - Erb N Dub

Who ordered the big, fat dollop of drum and bass??!! Because here it comes, in the shape of Erb N Dub!!

OK, so he's not big or fat, but his tracks and mixes certainly are! Whether he's rinsing out DnB monsters on his lonesome, or teaming up with more of the industry's big guns - including regular collabs with MC Harry Shotta and his truly inspired Wicked City tag-team with the mighty Krafty Kuts - literally everything Erb touches is pure bass magic!

Have a listen yourself, just make sure you've got your bass face at the ready!

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Monday, 15 December 2014

Funk #11 - Utah Saints

More bass music legends in the #FandFHOF today! Utah Saints have been making music, DJ-ing and playing gigs around the globe since the birth of House music. The Leeds based duo is made up of Tim Utah and Jez Willis, and 2014 has seen some of their finest work to date!

Their recent November mixtape (free download below) was an instant favourite, and is the first mix to be shortlisted straight away for our 2015 Mix Of The Year comeptition (the year runs from November to October, so this mix will be in next year's poll!). It's quality, have a listen and see . . .

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Filth #11 - UFO Project

Spanish breaks and 2-step at it's filthiest, that's what UFO Project are all about!

These guys are one of the most exciting things in breaks at the moment, and have been for some time. Big, grinding hoover basslines and tight breaks are their signature sounds - both delightfully old school and massively up front at the same time!

It's breaks and bass as it should be, and it's bloody brilliant!

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Funk #12 - Freestylers

The Freestylers claimed legendary status long ago, and they continue to go from strength to strength, unleashing DJ sets and full live band performances to packed out dancefloors all year round.

Here's a shot of them literally absolutely fucking having it at Hot Cakes vs Funk and Filth in May this year . . . if you weren't there you missed out on one hell of a night!!

Their latest Essentials mix (free download below) is a 2 hour education in some of the finest beats known to man, check it out!

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Filth #12 - Sanxion

When it comes to lovely, ravey and often beastly breaks, there are few that do it better than Sanxion!

This London-based DJ producer has unleashed a string of releases this year (lots of them for free!) and each time he hits the mark!

His July mixtape has been one of our firm favourites on the playlist at Funk and Filth HQ. Have a listen (and grab a cheeky free download) below, and we're sure you will agree . . .

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