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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Filth #6 - Howla

"Oi Oi! The secret weapon is unleashed! Korea getting a bit frisky? Russia getting a bit heavy? Parachute Howla in. Job done. Before he even landed all the ladies would have knotted together a giant net made entirely from their own supply of undergarments, whilst their husbands would be leaping around at the edges with empty tubes of toilet roll in one hand, gerbils in the other, and pockets filled with weapons grade amyl nitrate. He swings so hard he has been forbidden by the government to ever stop at any motorway service station for fear of starting a dogging epidemic of such massive proportions that he may start a one man double dip recession. Now that's how swing he is!."

His words, not ours! But we couldn't have put it any better, the guy is sick! Ladies and gentlemen . . . Howla!!

He could easily have featured on the Funk side or the Filth side of this year's countdown, as he expertly spans the two. But as even his funkier creations induce that face-scrunchingly good feeling of utter disgust/admiration (otherwise known as the Filth Factor), we thought we'd slip him into this year's Filthy contingent! Enjoy his works below!

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