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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Funk #3 - A.Skillz

Here he is! You all knew he was going to feature high on this year's #FandFHOF countdown, and here he is in at number 3 on the funky side of life . . . Adam 'A.Skillz' Mills!

With the uncanny ability to remix absolutely anything and instantly increase its awesomeness by at least 500%, he's one of the finest funky producers on the planet. He's demonstrated this recently by following up his legendary California Soul, ABC and Cold As Ice remixes (to name but a few), with nuggets such as this year's Good Music, Drop The Funk and F.E.A.R.! All of which are available to download for free below!

His sets are just as naughty as his production skills and, having seen him play many many times, it is clear that he's getting better and better every time! Hats of to A.Skillz!

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