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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Funk #6 - Deekline

Now for a man who surely requires no introduction whatsover - DJ Deekline!

The undisputed king of the booty breaks has been experimenting a little this year with some trap, DnB and grime vibes . . . to awesome effect! (Check out some of the freebies he's spawned below.)

He has, of course, also been unstoppable behind the decks. We teamed up with the big man for not one, but two of our infamous nights at Brixton Jamm this year which, of course, he totally killed, along with every other set we've heard him play this year (or ever, for that matter).

What's to come in 2015?? Well it's Deekline, so who knows?? Could be absolutely fucking anything, but it will be good, you can be sure of that!!

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