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Friday, 6 March 2015

Elite Force ReVamps (Unreleased) Vol. 1 - [FREE DOWNLOAD ALBUM]

It's the end of an elite era, as the man who has dished out some of the filthiest beats and smashed some of the finest parties is set to drape a heavy velvet curtain over the entity known as Elite Force!

We will be at Sound Control in Manchester tomorrow night for what may be the final ever(?) Elite Force set, as Shack reveals he's putting the lid on this particular alter ego in his recent post.

It will be sad to push the Elite Force boat off the end of the jetty and watch it float off into the mists, as we've come to mark the Elite Force Boat Parties as a sort of annual pilgrimage, and the standard by which all other nights are measured! He's also been an ever-present force inside the top 10 of our annual Funk and Filth Hall of Fame countdown of the best beat-flingers of the year.

But it is not all sad news!! We've already mentioned that we have one more chance to throw down to an Elite Force set at Breakspoll in Manchester this week. Then there is his release this week of the mighty Revamps Unreleased Vol 1 - a collection of some of the most explosive tracks you could dream of, and he's offering them all up for FREE DOWNLOAD!

Lastly, but most importantly, it is not the end of the road for Shack! Whilst the Elite Force garb is being hung up on a hook at the back of the shed, he plans to continue down the musical highway dressed undeniably as Simon Shackleton. If there's one thing that Shack can excel at above all others, it's his diversity as an artist(s), proven over many years by his consistently divergent (and awesome) output as Elite Force, Zodiac Cartel, Lunatic Calm and of course Simon Shackleton.

Help yourself to the free (and stupidly good!) Elite Force Revamps Unreleased Vol 1 below (or by clicking the big image at the top of this post) and prepare yourself for the next onslaught of beats and bass from Simon Shackleton.

Click here to download Elite Force ReVamps (Unreleased) Vol. 1 for FREE

Words from Shack:

"The first in a collection of unreleased Elite Force Revamps from the archives. There will be a number of these collections released over the course of the next few months as part of the global 'Throwback Thursday' movement.

For the uninitiated, the Revamp concept was based around bootlegs, but taking the idea further than simply slapping a vocal on top of an existing track, as was the way back in the early days of house, garage and jungle.

Many Revamps over the years have been full blown production projects, using samples and chunks from as many as 8 different tracks to form a new piece of music. The first Revamped album was far & away the biggest selling collection of (mainly) breaks music on Beatport in 2010 and resulted in multiple Breakpoll Awards for Elite Force as well as a Beatport Award for highest selling track in that calendar year.

I hope you enjoy having these in your collections :)

released 05 March 2015

1 comment:

  1. Thank you guys and rest assured the Boat Party isn't going anyway ... same great vibes & great people on 11th July but this year will be a Simon Shackleton One Series set with a MASSIVE after-party too.


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