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Friday, 27 March 2015

Getting Hyped for Noisily Festival 2015 - Exclusive Interview & Free Mix from Tim Healey

We're starting to get ridiculously hyped for the 2015 festival season! There's nothing better than throwing down in a field of like-minded maniacs, listening to some of the finest music to grace your ear-drums, then waking up in your slovenly-pitched tent, drinking an inhuman quantity of rum and doing it all over again! We caught up with the organisers of the most hedonistic dance music festial in the UK, Noisily, and grabbed an exclusive free mix from one of their headline artists!! We spoil you lot!

Read on for our interview with Noisily organisers James and Chris, and Lachie Gordon the man responsible for starting the whole thing, and the exclusive free mix from the mighty Tim Healey!

Noisily festival is looking like the one to watch on the UK festival scene this year, with some of our favourite funky, filthy talent taking to the stage to sling beats and make memories! Specimen A, Krossbow, Tim Healey, Freefall Collective, Atomic Drop, James D'Ley, Vent, Odjbox, these are just a few of the names playing at Noisily this year, you can check the full line-up here.

1. So Lachie, you're the man responsible for creating this awesome festival. What were the origins of Noisily? And what was the original idea behind the event?

Noisily was always about just having an ideal party for us and our friends. There were four of us who started it and we all really love loud dance music, lasers and partying in beautiful places. So when we were given the opportunity to start this party in the woods 4 years ago, we jumped at the chance. Every year, as more people come, it allows us to do more and more stuff that we have always dreamed of, more decor, more lights and more fun!

Tim Healey - Noisily Virgin Mix (FREE GIVEAWAY MIX) by Ontherisemusic on Mixcloud

Click here to download Tim Healey's Noisily 2015 Mix for FREE!

"I'm amped about playing at Noisily - I have only heard good things and the guys have given me a killer slot on Saturday night. When I made this mix I was thinking about how so much music these days sound so similar - and also about all these great tracks I have in my collection that need another airing - because they are so damn good. So I decided to mash up 'classics' from my collection and current faves and the 'Backwards/Forwards mix' was born. Enjoy." [Tim Healey].

2. What sets the event apart from other festivals in the UK in 2015?

The main things that sets us apart is the personal touch and dedication to the production levels. We put our all into the festival and you can find us on site every spare moment, raking, cutting back thorns and building structures for the crowd to play in come July. This really shows in the vibe of the festival, it’s a really intimate party, even as we grow

3. The event saw an increase in size and numbers in 2014, what drove this increase, and how did it change the vibe of the event.

The has event has grown organically since its inception 2012. We have slowly but surely added stages, and increased the production levels across the event. We started with only around 500 attendees in 2012, but are now expecting 2.5K people for our 2015 edition, and with that comes a whole load of changes from a back end event management perspective. From security to liaison with the local community through to campsite management, things never stand still and we are constantly fine tuning. We saw 2015 as a year where we consolidate all the good things we have been doing up to now, so you won't see any additional stages, but what you will see will be taken to the next level.

Check out the official video from Noisily 2014

Click here for tickets to Noisily 2015

4. Noisily is a high production event, how do you intend on taking this to the next level in 2015?

We spend all year dreaming of what we’ll be building for next years Noisily, and given that we work in events year round, we come up with some pretty spectacular things. This year the Noisily Stage is going to be shimmering pyramid of lights, projections and lasers. It’s a constant battle to make sure we can make the most of our lighting design skills while making the stage visually stunning in the day, this year we think we’ve nailed it. The liquid stage plans are coming along exceptionally well, with an extraordinary LED screen design from Video Illusions, hold tight to see renderings of that very soon!

5. You brought the Liquid Stage into the event in 2014. What were your thoughts with creating a home for this much loved Glade Festival Stage at #NOISILY2014?

Liquid Records has always been about representing diverse psychedelic music, and that is what Noisily stands for too, so marrying the two together was always something which was going to work in an harmonic way. After the sad demise of the much loved Glade Festival there had been no real home for outdoor psychedelic based music stages at festivals in the UK, and it was our determination to change this while not losing the heritage of a scene which was born just over 20 years ago in melee of mid 90's dance culture. We are really pleased with the result, and the very experienced team behind Liquid have brought a new edge to the festival.

6. As Virtual Festivals said after 2014, 'The future looks bright for this festival, and as word spreads that it’s the perfect party for those in search of a good time' - What can we expect from this years event to take it to the next level?

This years event is going to be more of the same brilliant decor and production, just bigger and more of it! We believe that once you’re onto a good thing, the only thing to do is to make it better!

7. Noisily represents many of the underground electronic music genres in the UK. What makes all these different sounds intergrate under one roof at your event?

Its all a big melting pot in 2015. All 'scenes' as we are brought up to call them have taken on different elements of electronic music styles over the years. You now hear techno being played in the trance scene, house being played in the bass music scenes and generally electronic music styles fusing across the board. For instance, if you go on Beatport you can literally find every style of music in every categorised section if you look hard enough. Here at Noisily we think that is a good thing, and is very much part of the ethos of our event. We want people to come for the weekend and to be able to absorb as much as possible and maybe discover some new music which they'd never heard before.

8. Can you tell us about some of the musical highlights from years past?

The biggest coup has to be Irish techno act 'Matador' back in 2012. Very quickly after his appearance at Noisily Festival he catapulted into the higher echelons of the international dance music scene, and is now considered to be one of the biggest in electronic dance music with an international touring appearance taking him to every part of the world. Another act of note who kinda blew up between us booking him and the actual festival in 2014 was Joe Ford. With his new take on D&B it was pleasant to see we had the foresight as a festival to book an act like this. We can expect many more in the future, my pick from this years event are 'Whyt Noyz', more about them below!

Click here to download this mix for free

9. Who should we be looking out for at this years festival? Any UK premiers?

We have a whole host of UK premiers at this years event. An exclusive first appearance by the Brazilian techno giant Victor Ruiz, and a rare UK festival appearance by Birmingham techno act, Whyt Noyz who have been making waves in the European techno scene and have recently been picked up Richie Hawtins label, Minus. We also have a whole host of 'first times' on the Liquid Stage with debut UK appearances from Grouch (NZ), Parasense (Russia) and The Outsiders (Israel).

10. We like to think we’re pretty sharp at recognizing upcoming talent in the bass music industry, and you must have recognized a few too. Is there anyone (DJ, musician, vocalist, producer . . . ) who you think we should keep our eyes on?

This year at Noisily we have a great bass music line up on the Treehouse Stage from Gltich & NeuroHop, Mid Tempo to Bassline House and Electro through to Drum and Bass. Artists to look out for are Culprate, Odjbox, Kursa, Dephicit & Summer Bright and Specimen A, MC Xander, Itchy & Skratchy DJ's, Duskky and of course Noisily residents Atomic Drop ! All playing this year alongside a whole host of quality artists pushing this UK bass music sound.

Click here to download for free

11. Who is going to blow up in 2015? (Any general musical predictions for the rest of the year?) James, your also part of the genre bending outfit ‘Atomic Drop’ Can you tell us your favourite bit of kit at the moment? Any new tech/software/gadgets in the studio or that you use during your sets?

Odjbox is definately one to watch out for this year ! As for our favourite bit of kit at the moment we recently got hold of a Vertexion CBL5 reel to reel tape recorder - its a 1969 military grade (then used by BBC) 2 channel tape recorder - and each channel has 7 vintage valves so its an awesome pre amp for boosting signals and adding great analogue warmth to our production. This put through our Oram summing mixer works a treat. Another tasty vintage bit of kit we use is a Roland 201 Space echo from the 70's - a classic dub tape delay with a built in spring reverb that can skarkle things up very nicely indeed. As for live performance and studio tweaking we recently got a Maschine and this is definately getting alot of use!

12. We definitely suffer from a footwear fetish at Funk and Filth, so we’ve got to ask (we ask everyone!). Some people have entire rooms devoted to their shoe collection, and others just love basic plimsoles. What’s your favourite pair at the moment, what’s the coolest thing in your footlocker?

At the moment my favourite ones are the Nike SB Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez Limited Editions. Love em !

Cheers guys! See you at Noisily 2015!!

Click here to download the exclusive Freefall Collective mix for free!

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  1. looks like a good festival and I am mighty tempted by it, but really put off by the draconian alcohol policy, which only allows you SIX (6!) cans of beer to be brought to site.

    surely that cannot be true? anyone know how much the bar prices are? and id prefer the answer to be a true figure rather than a vague "competitive pricing" answer from an organiser

  2. It was £4 a pint in 2013, £4.50 in 2014 so I expect £5 this year.


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