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Monday, 15 June 2015

Drum and Bass, From The Beginning

So the exact 'beginning' of Drum and Bass is open to debate, but for us it really hit our aural sensory receptors around 1992, and has continued to delight and destroy us ever since!

Below you'll find our list of tracks that have defined Drum and Bass for us over the years. Regular readers of Funk and Filth will know that we're not genre-nazis here - so Drum and Bass, Jungle, whatever you want to class each tune as, I'm sure that long term ravers and newbies alike will find some absolute monsters right here. I'm sure you will all have plenty more to add to your list, but we had to draw the line somewhere, otherwise this list would have gone on forever! If your favourite track isn't in the list below, then please add it to the comments. (Also, please forgive me if I haven't got all the years exactly bang on for each tune!). Enjoy . . .

Goldie - Terminator [1992]

The mighty Goldie with this banger inspired by one of the decade's big movies! Anyone feeling a bit old right now??

Omni Trio ‎– Renegade Snares [1993]

Instantly recognizable from the very first beat, this anthem has blasted dancefloors for more than two decades now!

Q Project - Champion Sound [1993]

Errgh. Errgh, errgh, errgh! The intro that has had more hands in the air than a million bank robbers combined.

Shy FX & UK Apache ‎– Original Nuttah [1994]

The one that everyone thinks they know the words to. The legendary Goodfellas sample at the beginning can incite any festival, rave, party crowd into mayhem.

Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction [1995]

Deep down dark and dirty bass: the epitome of the bassline roller.

Aphrodite - King of the beats [1996]

THAT drop! Marking a game-changing point for drum and bass, and perhaps even heralding the dawning of the jump-up movement?!

Moving Fusion - Turbulence [1997]

In our opinion, a genuine contender for the title of best Drum and Bass track ever, even 18 years later on! Sure fire dancefloor weaponry right here.

Ray Keith - Chopper (Shy FX Remix) [1998]

With it's unmistakeable intro, Ray Keith's Chopper has had DnB aficionados and newbies alike scrambling for the dancefloor. Shy FX adding his trademark layer of filth to the already naughty original.

DJ Krust - Warhead (Ram Trilogy remix) [1999]

Floor-stomping, face-melting filth from Krust. Epic remix work this time around from the mighty Ram Trilogy. Seeing a sea full of ravers wind up on the intro to this one before tearing out on the drop is one of the best things to ever happen

Roni Size - Dirty Beats [2000]

Another of the big hitters dropping some dirty dirty beats! Roni Size continues to be a drum and bass institution to this day - damn right!

Shimon & Andy C - Body Rock [2001]

There was a time when ravers could expect to hear this track nine or ten times a night, and it never got old!

Bad Company - Planet Dust [2001]

The Nine was perhaps Bad Company's best-known and most highly-regarded monster, but for us Planet Dust will always hold a special place. Tune.

Adam F - Stand Clear (Origin Unknown) [2002]

One of several anthems to come from Adam F's Drum and Bass Warfare Remixes album, this one can take the casual 'head bopper' and turn them into the elbow-swinging clown-step monster they were born to be!

D Kay & Rawfull - Be There 4 U [2002]

And now for something a little bit different. Beautiful, atmospheric anthem from D Kay & Rawfull. Concorde Dawn's remix was pretty tidy too, but it'll always be the original for us.

Ebony Dubsters - Ra [2003]

By the power of Greyskull!! I mean Ra!! A DJ's dream to mix in, and instantly recognisable to any crowd, no matter how mangled they may be!

Twisted Individual - Rusty Sheriff's Badge [2003]

Twisted was another one with an unmistakeable signature sound. Not to everyone's liking, but definitely tweaking the filth sensors in all the right places. I remember spending ages hunting this one down on vinyl!

RAM Trilogy - Screamer [2003]

The mighty Trilogy of Andy C and Ant Miles (who also formed Origin Unknown) and Shimon (who was part of Andy C and Shimon believe it or not!) followed up their early brilliance with more ground-breaking stuff in the shape of their Screamer EP. Skittles on the B-side was bloody good too.

Total Science - Nosher (Baron's I Know A Little Spot Remix) [2003]

OK, so we clearly enjoyed 2003 quite a lot, as we're finding loads of favourites from this year. Not least this thunderous Baron remix of Nosher - tread carefully, this one's got some balls!

Mampi Swift & DJ Fresh - Play Me [2003]

Two of the greats teaming up on one of the all time DnB anthems. There has been a string of remixes for this one, but again we always revert back to the original, bloody brilliant.

Pendulum - Another Planet VIP [2004]

The explosion of Pendulum heralded a new era for Drum and Bass, with releases like The Vault and Masochist bringing a little something new and mixing up the 'standard' format of the drum and bass track as we knew it. There's no doubt they can throw together some delicious beats and bass.

Majistrate & DJ Nicol - Yankee Doodle [2004]

Another devastating duo, hell-bent on supplying face-shredding basslines to the masses. Yankee Doodle was underrated at the time in our opinion, and remains a banger!

DJ Fresh - Floodlight [2004]

An unmistakeable anthem from the man who went on to fly high in the 'commercial' charts. Fresh has always been at the forefront of the scene and has been involved in some of the best tracks to grace the genre.

Konflict - Messiah [2005]

Brilliant stuff here in the shape of Messiah. Not much to say about this one, just turn it up load and let go . . .

Dillinja - Electro Boogie [2006]

Any list of DnB's big hitters would not be complete without the mighty Dillinja! Better known for his earlier monsters such as Twist Em Out and Grimey, consistency and an instantly identifiable sound is key to his ongoing success.

J Majik & Wickaman feat. Hype & Daddy Earl - Rollin' It [2007]

J Majik and Wickaman have been consistent filth flingers of the highest calibre, and in teaming up with the legend that is DJ Hype they crafted one of their best ever!

Chase and Status - Smash TV [2008]

Embodying what many would consider as the 'second coming' of drum n bass, Chase and Status saw unprecedented success when they migrated from their lower bpm roots to unleash a genre-defining collection of DnB bangers. Smash TV has always been our favourite C&S track!

DJ Hazard - Machete [2008]


Gyptian - 'Hold You' (Shy FX & Benny Page Digital Soundboy Remix) [2009]

Gyptian's original was beautifully chilled, but add in the Shy FX factor and you get a piece of unstoppable dancefloor dynamite!

The Qemists feat. Jenna G - Hurt Less [2010]

The Qemists' live band set-up, guest performers and impressive energy make their live performances a treat to behold. So many fine tracks have come out of their DnB/Rock crossbreed, but Hurt Less remains one of the best.

Camo & Krooked - Shoreless [2011]

Crowd-pleasing Austrian duo Camo and Krooked have dished out a plethora of uplifting beats since they team-up, not least Shoreless!

Sub Focus - Tidal Wave [2012]

Following early success with absolute bangers like Lost Highway, Ghost and Scarecrow, Sub Focus has graduated through the ranks with other monsters such as the unmistakeable Rock It and Could This Be Real, and his more recent stuff is just as good as the older anthems.

Dr Meaker - Fighter [2013]

Dr Meaker are a relatively new find for us at Funk and Filth, but we're loving everything we hear. More than 20 years on from when it all began it's great to see such dedication to the DnB vibe still rolling out!

Delta Heavy - Reborn [2014]

Perhaps the leading lights in Andy C's current RAM records line-up, Delta Heavy are arguably the reigning kings of the DnB scene. Atmospheric build-ups along with drops so naughty they should be spanked! What more could you want!?

Toronto Is Broken - A Place in Time [2015]

To complete the list and bring our DnB favourites right up to the present day, we've got brutal beats from the exciting DJ/Producer known as Toronto Is Broken. His album Section Nine was released earlier this year and contains some cuts of pure brilliance - A Place In Time is our favourite from the album.

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