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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Lady Waks' Top 10 Places To Play

As we brace ourselves for the impending arrival of her Bass Shakers 2015 Album, we took a moment to catch up with the truly awesome Lady Waks to find out, from all the many many places she has thrown beats around the world, which ones are her favourites. How many of these places have you partied at?

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1. IBWT - St. Petersburg, Russia.

This is my home and I love it. I have been doing my IBWT night for 15 years now and I wont stop doing this because I love it.

I always get love from my home-town crowd.

2. Kazantip Republic

I have been part of Kazantip for the last 9 years, I have my own area at the festival with broken beats. Kazantip is a part of me, I'm a part of Kazantip.

3. Breakfest - Perth, Australia.

When I played there the first time, it was about 5 years ago, I was so impressed.. now every second year I'm coming back to play there and there is nothing else like this in the world. The stage (the amphitheatre) , the crowd (real broken beat lover), the Boomtick crew.. I simply love everything about it!

4. IBWT @ Vagonka - Kaliningrad, Russia

One of my first gigs in Russia was in Kaliningrad, that was about 12 years ago. Till today, every time when I go back to Kaliningrad, and I do this twice a year, every time it's sold out and I get good energy from the crowd for the next 6 month.

5. China

I have played so many shows there, now the best club over there, called BabyFace, is closed and I don't have so many shows in Shanghai, Beijing etc, anymore.. but I want more! I'm so fascinated about the culture, the mentality and the parties there are amazing! Need more of Asia.

6. Spain . Malaga, Sevilla, Cadiz

These are the main cities for big shows! The Winter and Summer Festival, the Carnival, SBA and more huge events are there. These are the gigs when I get to play the hardest! Temazo people!

7. Poland / Szczecin

That's the best town for breaks & bass music. Poland crowd is similar to Russian, they are young, they love breaks and go crazy on the dance floor. LIKE!


I play quite a lot in Germany, but Berlin is always a special show for me. As long as you don’t tell them "I play breaks" everything will be fine then! They call it electro, techno.. whatever! Whenever I’m playing in Berlin, I always prepare a special set for my gig.

9. Hungary / Budapest / A38

This club is a real boat! An old Russian marine boat. So perfect place for me, I feel like a captain up there!! Great atmosphere and funky people! Love to get back to this place.

10. US/ MIami / WMC

I like it because of the artist who are coming to Miami, it's a nice place to chill with mates at the pool and its a great opportunity to go away from Russia while its still minus degrees and freezing here and its +30 in Miami.

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