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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Krafty Kuts - A Golden Era Of Breakbeat

Is this possibly the best hour of beats ever compiled?

When this podcast landed the other day it had me running to my beat locker to see if the krafty Mr Kuts had snuck in and burgled my pantry! So many old favourites and classic basslines are crammed into this mix that Krafty will have to try very hard indeed to outdo himself in his next podcast instalment.

You really know this mix has arrived early on with the epic Fasten Your Seatbelts from the heyday of Pendulum and Freestylers. From there it's a breakbeat odyssey rammed full of anthems from the Plumps, Stanton Warriors, Drumattic Twins, Deekline and more, via classics from Azzido Da Bass, Reach and Spin and DJ Zinc and some personal favourites from Slyde, Sporty-O and Keith MacKenzie and Detroit Grand Pubahs. Plus there's a sneaky little interview towards the end with the Plump DJs and Freestylers fielding questions from Krafty.

And who better to steer this transatlantic bassliner through this perfect storm of breaks than Kaptain Krafty himself! Sit back, turn it up, and enjoy . . .

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Words from Krafty:
"This is the music that really took me around the globe and people associate Krafty Kuts with. For me some, of the most exciting and fresh sounding music has been with the breakbeat scene over the years. Playing to 40,000 people at the Exit Festival, headlining shows across Australia & New Zealand to big Festivals in the UK & Europe, USA & Canada. So many great artists have been a part of the Breaks scene ie. Freq Nasty, Plump DJ's, Stanton Warriors, Adam Freeland, Evil 9, DJ Icey, Deekline, Prodigy, Meat Katie, Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Rennie Pilgrem, Soul Of Man, Squarepusher, Pendulum, DJ Zinc & many more are all featured in this podcast. This was a trip down memory lane and I remember watching people lose there mind to so many of these tunes over the years and it's really good to see the Breakbeat scene still flourishing once again."

1. Ils - Next Level
2. Soul Of Man - Sukdat (Rogue Element Remix)
3. Plump DJ’s - Shifting Gears (Acapella)
4. Atomic Hooligan - You Are Here
5. Freestylers & Pendulum - Fasten Your Seatbelts
6. Dee Patten - Who’s The Badman (JDS Remix)
7. Plump DJ’s - Fever
8. Freestylers - Push Up (Acapella)
9. Freestylers - Push Up (Plump DJ’s Remix)
10. Green Velvet - La La Land (Acapella)
11. Friendly - Bump N Grind
12. Krafty Kuts - There They GO (Acapella)
13. Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night (Timo Mass Remix)
14. Rob Le Pitch - Twisted (Tom Real & Rogue Element Remix)
15. Tom Real & Rogue Element - Just Bash Out
16. JDS - Nine Ways (Plump DJ’s Remix)
17. Freq Nasty - Come Let Me Know (Acapella)
18. Stakker - Humanoid (Krafty Kuts Remix)
19. Zero - Emit (Rennie Pilgrem Remix)
20. Stanton Warriors - Dip & Get Low (Acapella)
21. PMT - Gyromancer
22. Deekline & DJ Assault - One In The Front (Acapella)
23. Evil 9 - Crooked
24. Prodigy - Spitfire (Future Funk Squad Remix)
25. Plump DJ’s - Electric Disco
26. Drumattic Twins - Feelin Kinda Strange (Nick Thayer & Basskleph Remix)
27. General Midi - Four Million Ways
28. Drumattic Twins - Feelin Kinda Strange (Acapella)
29. Electronaughts - Bumper (Plump DJ’s Remix)
30. Freestylers - The Slammer
31. Jammin - Hello
32. Deekline & Ed Solo - Handz Up (Stanton Warriors Remix)
33. Stanton Warriors - Precinct (Plump DJ’s Remix)
34. Dopamine - Hold You
35. Bassbin Twins - Woppa
36.Reach & Spin - Hyper (Stanton Warriors Remix)
37. Stanton Warriors - Da Antidote
38. Deekline & ED Solo - Mandy vs Space Invader
39. Freestylers - Boomblast (Deekline & Wizard Acapella)
40. Plump DJ’s - The Push
41. Sporty O Feat Keith Mackenzie - Guestlist (Acapella)
42.Rogue Element - Let Me Breath
43. Slyde - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Acapella)
44. Scam - Killer
45. Freestylers - Ruffneck (Acapella)
46. Ils - Angels
47. Dylan Rhymes Feat Katherine Ellis - Salty (Meat Katie Remix)
48. Freq Nasty - Amped
49. Rennie Pilgrem - Some Place Funky
50. Afrika Bambatta - Funky Heroes (Acapella)
51. Plump DJ’s - Theme x
52. Tube & Berger - Straight Ahead
53. Slyde - Vibrate To This
54. Krafty Kuts Bass Phenomenon
55. Plump DJ’s - Scram
56. Buckfunk 3000 - High Volume
57. Plump DJ’s - Get Kinky
58. DJ Zinc - Go DJ (Remix)
59. Santos - Camels (DJ Zinc Remix)
60.Slyde - Slippedy Slide
61. Sqaurepusher - Red Hot Car
62. Face Off - Soundboy
63. Player 1 - Into The Darkness
64. Freestylers - Punks
65. Krafty Kuts & Skool Of Thought - Soundcheck
66. Detroit Grand Pubahs - Sandwiches (Krafty Kuts Remix)
67. Krafty Kuts & DJ Icey - Thru The Door
68. Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought - When I Was A Yout

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