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Friday, 13 November 2015

Mix Of The Year 2015 - VOTING NOW CLOSED

Voting is now closed for this year. Click here to see who won!

It's that time of year again! A look back at the tastiest free mixes from the last 12 months, and your chance to vote for the best!

Any mix from any funky filthy genre that's been unleashed in the alst 12 months is eligible, and we've got a quality selection right here! From chilled out beats, to face-shredding bass lines, from some of the biggest names in the business to some of the freshest up-and-coming DJs . . . these truly are the best mixes we've heard in the last year!

This year our shortlist has stretched to 16!! Check out who featured and who won in last year's poll.

Here's how you can help decide this year's winner:

> LISTEN to the mixes below
> DOWNLOAD your favourites (they're almost all FREE to download!)
> VOTE for the ONE mix that you think should take the title of Funk and Filth's Mix Of The Year 2015

The voting options are on the right-hand side of this page (not visible when viewing on mobile phones unfortunately), all you have to do is click next to the mix that you think is the best, then click VOTE!
You can also leave us a Facebook comment below, or Tweet us using the hashtag #FunkAndFilth.

We'll include your votes along with our internal voting at Funk and Filth HQ when we decide on the winner! Funk and Filth will have the final decision and any dubious voting practices will result in disqualification.

Let's get this shit started with some bona fide Ghetto Funk bangers!! B-Side and Detta are the main men when it comes to funky ass beats and basslines, this mix is STRONG!!

Let's knock the funk down a bit and dial up the filth! A new UFO Project mixtape is always a treat, and this collection of bangers had us bouncing all throughout summer 2015.

Everyone's favourite hooligan showed us how it's done earlier this year with this sublime mix. Dark, dirty and absolutely on point with the banger selection, nice one Terry!

Sheffield lads the Underheadz are bass flingers extraordinaire, and they've never disappointed with their collections of gurn-inducing basslines. This summer's Harley Promo Mix may be their best ever!

Another devastatingly dirty year for the legend they call Deekline. Sure fire party rocker and beat-baker to hungry bass heads all over the world, his Miami Heat Promo Mix has been rolling round the Funk and Filth HQ playlist for months!

The fourth instalment in arguably one of the funkiest mixtape series of all time smashed into our eardrums earlier this year and, as you'd expect from A.Skillz, it was goddam gorgeous!

Retropolis has spent much of the last year incarcerated in the Funk and Filth dungeons being forced against his will (as he may tell you, but he loves it really!) to concoct the brutal Much Breaks mixtape series exclusively for Funk and Filth! Volumes 1 - 4 are available now for FREE, but it's Vol 3 which has smashed it's way onto the MOTY shortlist for it's pure badassery!

A man who has previously held aloft the Funk and Filth Mix of the Year crown, Neon Steve came back with a thunderous end to 2014 and a truly funktacular 2015! He almost had 2 mixes in this shortlist, but we kind of felt that wasn't fair, so here is (in our opinion) his best of the last 12 months: another glorious collection of chilled beats in his epic Pleasensations series . . .

Now for a change of tempo! Earlier this year D&B legend Randall dropped this Metalheadz Re-Mastered History Mix and it's an absolute masterpiece! Any Funk and Filth readers who weren't fortunate enough to be involved in D&B in the 90s should get all over this right now! Those who were around in the 90s don't need to be told!

Undeniably one of our favourite breaks DJs, GUAU delivers mixtapes that will make your heart boil, your ribcage rattle and your feet tell you that they are in charge from now! Bassbins up to the max, GUAU is taking over . . .

This one nearly broke the internet when it landed, and for good reason! Stickybuds = awesome. Shambhala = mental. Stickybuds + Shambhala = . . . . well you do the maths! This mix is fucking fantastic.

Potentially the best mix in the history of music??? We'll let you decide for yourselves, but the calibre of the selection (and mixing of course) from Krafty in this is bordering on perfection. Get this mix into your ears asap.

Another firm Funk and Filth favourite, Busta hit us with a 45 minute compilation of his finest beats, and it's delicious! This is the sort of thing it would be easy to overdose on!

Kurse has been on our Funk and Filth radar for a while now, and he's used 2015 to smash his way into the forefront of the UK bass scene. This mixtape is just one example of what he's got. Scarily good stuff!

Yeah we know it's their set from Glastonbury 2014, but they only unleashed it for download this year, so it falls into this years poll! And it's a monster collection of old school flavoured beats and face-shredding basslines and it's bloody amazing! Nice one Vinyl Junkie and Sanxion!

Completing our Funk and Filth Mix of the Year 2015 shortlist are the unstoppable 7DB boys! Renowned for delivering an onslaught of breaks and bass these guys are definitely winning the breaks game this year. Naughty stuff . . .

There is your shortlist! Who gets your vote?

Of course, there were loads of other awesome mixes out there in the last 12 months (most of them will have been featured here on Funk and Filth at some point!), but we had to boil it down to our favourites, and here they are for you to listen to, download for free and vote for your favourite!

You'll find the voting buttons at the top of this page on the right hand side (not visible when viewing on mobile phones!), and you can also leave a Facebook comment on this page, or Tweet us using the hashtag #FunkAndFilth.

Hope you enjoy all the mixes and massive thanks to all the DJs and Producers for another year of funky, filthy, downright dirty beats!

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