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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

FREE DOWNLOAD - Tigerlight ft. Kathika Rabbit - Don't Let Go (Love)

Time for a real treat from two funky, filthy ladies (musicaly speaking).

It's hard to imagine a better vocal collab than the honey-voiced Tigerlight and the super slick bars of Slamboree's leading lady Kathika. Between them these two have graced the pages and posts at Funk and Filth many times, but this is the first time we've heard them team up together, and the result is this banger!

With nob-twiddling assistance from filth-flinger extraordinaire High Rankin, they have conjoured up a DnB monster based around the hook from En Vogue's anthem. But enough rambling from us, here's Tigerlight's take . . .

"This cover started out as a jam on the piano, just me and some keys and then an idea popped into my head, I knew that Kathika Rabbit would be performing at the same festival I was playing at called Shindig Festival and thought that it would be amazing to sing in harmony with her and share the stage with her so I put the music together for this track to do initially just as a live collab with her. Shaping it in the studio first I tried it out at as a bassline house/ garage track but it just wasn't working at that bpm so then I sped it up to 174 and it clicked. At that point I knew I needed to collab with a seasoned DnB producer to nail the drop so together with the Drum and Bass years of experience and skills of High Rankin we finished off the track in the studio and the track was ready for live. It went OFF live at the festival and so we knew we had to get the track finished for release so Kathika came to my studio and laid down her harmonies and verse. She's such a great talent and it was a joy to work with her and High Rankin on this for you gals and guys. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it and of course I have to give a huge shout out to the original QUEENS in En Vogue who released this killer record back in the day..."
- Tigerlight, Brighton,


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