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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Getting Tongue Tied with Tigerlight and Slamboree

If history has told us anything, it's that Tigerlight + Slamboree = Awesome. Plain and simple.

So imagine the elation spreading at Funk and Filth HQ when we heard that, not only was there a brand new Tigerlight release dropping imminently, but that it also comes with a Slamboree remix!

But there's more big news to share. The brand new Tigerlight release, Tongue Tied - out 31st March, preorder here - heralds in the launch of the tiger's very own brand new record label: Tightlight Musik. So expect plenty more sugar-coated basslines curated and released under the new brand!

The Slamboree remix itself is exactly what you'd expect from this winning combination. A sultry build up, Tigerlight's delicious vocals chopped up and flung into an inch-perfect bassline drop - this is masterful stuff from Freear.

The release is completed with accompanying remixes from familiar faces Rain City Riot, who deliver a house roller, and Tracy Rhodes providing some atsmospheric groove to complete the set. Here's what the lady herself has to say about it . . .

“Electronic music is so beautifully full of different colours with a multitude of shades that it would be a shame to not be able to play with many at once and watch as they create new and exciting intensities. With ‘Tongue Tied’ I sought to blend and draw out new textures and musical pathways, working with individual elements to weave sounds and stories together.” – Tigerlight

Catch Tigerlight Live at Berlin To Brighton at The Green Door, Brighton on March 31st, The Magic Garden, London on April 14th and the Shindig Festival, Bath on May 27th 2017.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Beat Assassins are killing it once again - [Free Mixtape]

For many of us Beat Assassins are legendary in the field of raving. Rising to the top of the breakbeat pile throughout the second half of the noughties there were far too many nights to count when the main stomper on the dancefloor was a Beat Assassin bullet! Direct Hit for example was (and still is!) a firm favourite for letting loose too!

As the noughties became the - hang on, what do we call this current decade? - well, the current decade, Jimmy and Joe started off in their separate directions, as we indicated right here on Funk and Filth five years ago. Joe headed off to work on some little side project called Sigma, ever heard of them? And Jimmy smashed on with the Beat Assassins moniker, flirting with trap and other bass genres, keeping the quality as top notch as ever all the time.

Click here to download Beat Assassins - Retrospective Mix for FREE

Around a year ago in 2016 Beat Assassins (although actually only the single assassin nowadays) plunged headfirst back into the DnB pool and aural pleasure receptors far and wide started tingling all over again. With some monster tracks including War Dem, Deny, Ramm Out and Drop It Hard, and remix work from the likes of TREI, DJ Rap, DJ Callide, 1000DaysWasted and Funk and Filth legends D'Silva and Toronto Is Broken, it's an empressive arsenal of dancefloor weaponry being forged at Beat Assassins HQ!

The Beat Assassins Retropsective Mix (free download by the way) contains most of the recent big guns and should be in your ears by now really. If you haven't pressed play/download already then what is wrong with you!? And the TiB remix of of See Ma Gun Go feat Miss Stylie is by far our favourite of the current crop. Enjoy.

1. Space Yardie Intro
2. Metrik - Worldwide ft The Ragga Twins - Hospital Records
3. Beat Assassins - Deny ft ELi - Mofo Recordings
4. DC Breaks - Breath ft Gibson (Adam F Remix) - Ram Records
5. Beat Assassins - See Ma Gun Go ft Miss Stylie - Mofo Recordings
6. Beat Assassins - Wake Ya Whole Block - Mofo Recordings
7. Beat Assassins - The Raid - Mofo Recordings
8. Beat Assassins - To The Top - Mofo Recordings
9. Friction - Bring it Back ft Stylo G - Shogun
10. Turntable Dubbers - Be There For You ft Doctor (T & Sugah Remix) - Nice Up Records
11. Beat Assassins - War Dem ft Miss Stylie - Mofo Recordings
12. Beat Assassins - War Dem ft Miss Stylie (TREI Remix) - Mofo Recordings

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Exclusive Free Mix: Doctor Hooka's Lonely Bitch Club

Back once again with the Funk and Filth master!! The undisputed king of the funky, filthy sound is back with a banging brand new free mix, available for download exclusively here for you fine people!

For your aural pleasure we present here almost 3 hours of Hooka's favourite bangers, featuring an EXCLUSIVE FIRST PLAY of Air-Sexy Boy (MonstaFunk Remix) coming out on Relative Dimensions on Feb 10th. You're also getting a big chunk of the new B-Side Battle Breaks you lucky lot!

When he's not leading the way on the Funk and Filth roster, you can also find the good Doctor behind the decks at NSB Radio on his regular surgery show, or rocking UK dancefloors with infectious beats. Now get this mix in you . . .

Click here to download the mix for free

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

DJ Jimi Needles - Needlewurk Vol III Free Download and Exclusive Interview

There's nothing better on a cold, wet winter's day than settling down for a chinwag with one of the funkiest men on the planet to talk beats, bass, funk, filth and the future - so that's exactly what we did.

Jimi Needles spends daylight hours in his beat lab, meticulously piecing together award-winning mixtapes and funk-fuelled tracks, and the hours of darkness packing out dancefloors as London town's premiere resident funk flinger - either DJing behind the decks or as drummer for soul band Ephemerals. So we grabbed a rare slice of his schedule to shoot the breeze . . .

Tell us about the latest (and final??) installment of your Needlewurk mixtape series. Vol I nabbed you the coveted Funk and Filth Mix of the Year crown back in 2014, Vol II was equally epic and now the trilogy is complete . . .

Needlewurk Volume III will indeed be the last in the series of "That" thing, I want to do something different next. I think I give away a lot when I put these mixes out; it's basically my perfect live show - and I guess if I keep doing these mixtapes people will either stop booking me for DJ sets completely, or I'll simply be known as 'that mixtape guy.' Gonna change it up or specifically theme mixes for the time being.
Oh, and, in the intro of Needlewurk Volume III, the movie guy voice is... me! Get in touch if you want a shout out, I charge by the syllable :)

Find the track listing at the end of this post.

So if mixtapes are on the back-burner, what else have you got coming up?

Ephemerals (Jalapeno Records), the soul band I drum for had a #1 hit in the French charts. Hasn't really impacted the band as we were sampled by David Guetta protege Kungs and he made our tune into a house banger. Feels weird but cool playing it in the clubs, that's for sure!

I'm also working on the Jimi Needles album, I'm moving away from the clich├ęd overuse of samples and more towards creating original hip hop, future bass, mid tempo breaks and drum and bass. There are stacks of people featuring on it already, all will be revealed.

What would you say is your major inspiration?

People often ask me what my inspirations are, especially when they ask me about my music taste or my mixing style. I grew up on a very healthy diet of DJ Yoda, Doorly and 2ManyDJs. DJ Yoda for the humour and the scratch DJ antics, and Doorly / 2ManyDJs for the genre bashing and party rocking.

And what's a major ball-breaker for you?

Soundcloud takedowns! I was unlucky enough to have a SoundCloud copyright takedown when I initially put the mixtape up. Somehow this worked to my advantage, as everybody was chatting about how one of my mixes was removed, I concurrently uploaded a version of the mixed tape with a brand-new edit instead of the Beatles acappella I used. Fingers crossed this one doesn't get taken down! I think SoundCloud have forced a lot of users hands; everybody's got two or three alternate accounts now; I think the obsession with trying to control where the music is being streamed from by the major labels coupled with SoundCloud becoming more of a mobile app has made the platform less enjoyable than it was 5/6 years ago; unlike Spotify, the company was never looking at sensible ways of hooking up any played content to the respective artists revenue stream, which is why the Majors are relentless. I think Soundcloud Go is too little too late; a few friends from Germany say that as a company they are in $50m worth of debt and will be bankrupt by the end of the year if no one buys or bails them. Eek!

As we steam head first into 2017, are there any particular artists in the funky, filthy realms that you think we should be keeping an extra special eye on?

Artists I'm looking out for this year; Phibes have good Instagram banter levels, definitely follow them as they have an album coming out too. Been privy to the new Krafty Kuts album, it's a banger, with an ensemble cast of MCs and Special Guests. Start watching cats like Dubra & Arteo, they are putting out some sick remixes lately!
Then there's Bootique Records, which is an imprint label that will launch February. It's a family affair! Few established DJs and Producers will be featuring on "Shake Ya Bootleg Volume One". Mark Rae, Odjbox, WBBL and Great Scott, and some newcomers like Estonia's Gram-of-Fun and Bournemouth's Pugzilla. The 10 track debut is a digital only release; funk, bass and hip hop vibes. (Let's talk about that when we launch). We'll be donning a London clubnight too

You can catch Jimi headlining Get Purple in London and expect to see his 2017 festival schedule published soon. But for now, we suggest you press play on Needlewurk Vol III and twist the volume knob all the way to the right!

And why not treat yourself to his Funk and Filth exclusive track 'Mr Big Stuff' which you'll find right here . . .

10 Best: DJ Mixers

Needlewurk III Tracklisting
1. Needlewurk III (Intro ft Jimi Needles)
2. De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring (OJKB Bootleg - JN Fix)
3. Smokey Joe & The Kid - Please Come Home (Jimi Needles Remix)
4. Jimi Needles - Gimme The Call (WBBL Remix Instrumental)
5. Mr Bill - Skweeroskiz
6. Beastie Boys - Intergalactic (Acapella)
7. Zhane - Groove Thing (Acapella)
8. Chance The Rapper (ft Knox Fortune) - All Night (Edit)
9. Rogue - Nemesis
10. Metaljackets - Bass
11. Maki - Nena
12. Fasta & Ameiro - Don Dada
13. Tropkillaz - Barrunto (Featurecast Remix)
14. Yung Wall Street - Baby (Jimi Needles Remix)
15. Yung Wall Street vs Cookin’ On Three Burner - Baby Girl (Jimi Needles Mash)
16. The Carpenters - Rain Days & Mondays (Acapella)
17. Getter - What The Frick
18. Light Years Away - Melrose At Midnight
19. Mura Masa vs Fatman Scoop & Faith Evans - Be Lovesick (Jimi Needles Boot)
20. Dr Dre vs Fugees - Episode Or Not (Jimi Needles Rewind)
21. The Beatles vs Sister Sledge - Peak Together (Jimi Needles Boot)
22. Al Green - Let’s Stay Together (Short Edit)
23. Jimi Needles - Stay
24. Stanton Warriors - Hoping (The Vanguard Project Remix)
25. Notorious BIG ft. Method Man - The What (Acapella)
26. Document One - Run The Block
27. Funkanomics - Sucker Brunch
28. Wu-Tang Clan - Bring The Ruckus (Edit)
29. Krafty Kuts - Who’s The DJ
30. Gram-Of-Fun - Shoop (Edit)
31. Slynk - Where’s The Party At
32. DJ Shadow - Organ Donor (UZ Remix - Jimi Needles Loc’d Out Mix)
33. Phibes - Came To Get Down
34. A.Skillz vs Beatvandals - Beat Don’t Stop (Jimi Needles "Me & My Toothbrush" Rework)
35. Blackstreet - No Diggity (Acapella)
36. WBBL - Funksation
37. Mr Oizo - Flat Beat (Aaron Snapes Remix)
38. Mat Zo - Soul Food
39. Pr!nce - FunkNRoll (Chris Lake Remix - Krafty Kuts ReKut)
40. Tascione - Lights Out
41. DJ Scene - Body Mover
42. Room 5 vs Major Lazer - Pon De Disco (Jimi Needles Smashup)
43. Jvst Say Yes & Torro Torro - Give It Time
43. Blonde - All Cried Out (Acapella)
44. Delta Heavy - White Flag (VIP)
45. Dilemn & The Clamps - Frenzy
46. Tom Morello & Knife Party - Battle Sirens (RIOT Remix)
47. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Freestyle Mambo VIP
48. The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy (Bad Company Remix)
49. Defunk - Rock My Soul
50. TC - Tap Ho
51. The Beach Boys - God Only Knows (Jimi Needles Edition)
52. Jimi Needles - Gimme The Call (ft. Great Scott & MC Skilf)
53. Krafty Kuts & Dynamite MC ft. Rodney P - Canvas (Dubra & Arteo Remix)