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Every now and then we manage to grab few funky, filthy moments with some of the big talents out there . . . and we use these moments to ask them questions, normally music and footwear related, but who knows where the questions might end up! Read the exclusive Funk and Filth interviews here, free downloads included too:

Interviews with...

> Freerange DJs

> Hotline Zero

> Smash HiFi (Marten Horger & Leeroy Thornhill)

> Freestylers

> Jem Panufnik

> Ben & Lex

> Freefall Collective

> Dylan Sanders

> DJ Chamber

> Marten Hørger

> Benji Boko

> Elite Force

> Tony Anthem & Axl Ender

> Mooqee

> James D'Ley

> Aaron Sigmon

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