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The Rogues' Gallery

Send us your photos of you wearing your Funk and Filth gear and we'll feature you here in our Rogue's Gallery, you'll be in good company alongside some of the funkiest and filthiest people around!

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Funk and Filth tees are all 100% cotton and there is a wide choice of colours, sizes and designs with worldwide delivery. Have a look through the pics in the gallery below, I think you'll see some familiar faces!!

The Funk and Filth Rogues' Gallery
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Kane FM's funky filth flingers
punching out Funk and Filth and Bombstrikes tees:
Turtle & The Fringe!

Punching out the Funk and Filth syle
on his Rough Tempo radio show:
Billy Onions!

Funkatech's Breakspoll destroying badboy
James D'Ley!

2 x UK DMC Champ and
turntablist extraordinaire

Honey-tongued bass music beauty

Destroying festival dancefloors everywhere
Snatch The Wax DJs!

European breakbeat powerhouse

Funky filthy fittie
DJ Lady Bex!

Pylo rocking the Funk and Filth styles
on the Mekong river in Cambodia!

H-Mac the festival hottie!

Edwards lost in the moment
at Boardmasters!

Our very own Funkmaster General
"in a bit of a pickle" at Bestival!

Funk and Filth tees:
Tested in the hardest festival conditions!

Funk and Filth Mugs:
Ideal for tea, coffee, rum, gin, etc!

Funk and Filth Hoodies:
For wearing whilst drinking tea and eating scones
during a Drum & Bass skank out on a clifftop of course!

All the cool people are wearing our tees,
oh, and Jim's got one too.

Nockout Nick on the 1s and 2s!.

The SickBot repping the
Funk and Filth styleeee!

DJ Smartie Roc punching out
the Funk and Filth stateside!

Hyper H using his Funk and Filth hoodie
as a mud shield at Glastonbury 2013!

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